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Your Questions About X10

September 7, 2012

Daniel asks…

How many bags of concrete would i need for a 5′x10′ room to concrete the dirt floor 2 to 4 inches deep?

Small dirt floor room in my basement. I want to concrete it so i can make it a storage room.

Administrator answers:

Firstly, don’t go any less than 3 1/2″ thick for your floor or it will just break up. Second, don’t pour directly onto the dirt. You need at least 2 -3 inches of sand under it. You should also put down 6 mil plastic vapor barrier to keep your store room from being damp.

Depending what you are using the room for, you may also need 2″ of styrofoam insulation under the floor — i.e. If you are going to be heating the room.

To calculate quantity, you have 5′ x 10′ = 50 sq.ft.
The slab is 1/3 of a foot thick so you need 16.6 cu.ft. + 5% waste

Since a bag of portland cement makes about 5 cu.ft. Of concrete, 4 bags should do the job.

The mix should be 1 spade cement to 2 spades of sand and 3 spades of 3/4″ gravel or crushed rock and as little water as you can use and still get a workable mix.

Betty asks…

What is a better phone, the HTC desire or the Sony ericsson xperia x10?

i need opinions, i have ordered an x10 but was wondering what other people thought.

Administrator answers:


I think both phones are good,so if you ordered Sony ericsson xperia x10 than no problem.

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