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February 18, 2013

Jenny asks…

How to change my google account on android?

I’ve recently bought an used sony ericsson Xperia x10 on eBay and tried to access the android market but it asks for the password to the previous owner’s google account which I don’t know. Do you know how to use another google account on it and forget about the one that’s on now? Please help!

Administrator answers:

You need to do a hard reset on your phone, this will delete EVERYTHING you have added to the phone it will go back to as if you pulled it right out of the box here is how you do it,
1 From the Xperia 10 Home screen, tap the applications bar.
2 Tap Settings > SD card & phone storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone.
3 Enter your screen unlock pattern.
4 Tap Erase everything.

Also try this if that dont work
shut the phone off
hold down on the volume down button and press DO NOT HOLD just press the power button
keep holding the volume button it should go to a white screen with writing on it use the volume buttons to go down to factory reset click on that there is a key at the top that tells u what button do’s what

hope this helps

Sandra asks…

Any suggestions for making the ground level?

I have the materials needed to put together an 8′x10‘ steel storage building. My only hold up is that I don’t know where in my yard to put it. I have a large yard, but it’s all uneven. I need to level out a place for the building. I rent this place so I don’t want to tear up the yard.

Administrator answers:

The best way is to get flat concrete blocks–to use as pads for the structure to rest on. Dig in the blocks as needed to form a 4 or 6 point level rectangle/square. Rest the structure on the blocks…’s temporary–considered temporary by most building codes and probably will not need a permit, and can be fixed if/when you leave and take the building with you.

Limited disturbance of the land under the structure.

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