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Your Questions About X10

March 4, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What is the cheapest way to make a wooden dock float in the middle of a lake?

I haven’t started making this dock yet, but I plan on building a 10′X10‘ floating dock that could have up to 8 people on it at once. I know that a lot of floating docks have plastic drums attached to their undersides, but plastic drums are ridiculously expensive. What are some other ways to make it float? (It will probably end up being about 1500 lbs with people on it).

Administrator answers:

The cheapest way really depends on your resources, you could use
pvc pipe capped at both ends
5 gal joint compound buckets
build plywood floats
use inflatable raft material and build a bladder
netting with 100s of milk jugs or soda bottles
buy block styrofoam
55 gal steel drums painted with boat bottom paint
use rubber roof membrane and build a bladder

You will just have to do some figuring, and find the most buoyant material for the least cost, according to what is available to you, and how much effort you want to put into it

Laura asks…

How do I know how much to charge capacitor bank to?

I am building a coil gun from 10 disposable cameras (x10 approx. 330V 120uf capacitors) If i use a multimeter to monitor the voltage, how do i know what voltage to stop the charging process and fire at?

Administrator answers:

Since the capacitors are rated for 330V you would want to stop the charging process before it got above that.
If you are using the camera charging circuit you will probably see the rate of change in voltage level off somewhere a bit below 330, when the voltage stops rising (or is rising so slowly you get bored) there is nothing to be gained by waiting any longer, so fire away.

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