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March 19, 2013

Linda asks…

How can I play music from my Sony Ericson threw my car speakers?

I have a Vauxhall Agila, It has a CD player.
I have a Sony Ericson X10 Mini Pro.
I want the music of my phone to come out of the speakers in my car, is there a peice of technology in exsistance which can do this for me?

Administrator answers:

Well if it has a tape player, you can get a device that you place in the tape player and plug the other end into your SE and it automatically plays through the speakers.

Daniel asks…

How to find the ionization energy for a single atom of hydrogen?

I don’t know how to find the ionization energy for a single atom of hydrogen. I know that the ionization energy for hydrogen is 1.31 X10^6 J/mol, but how can I find the ionization energy for a single atom?

Administrator answers:

Since you have the ionization energy for 1 mole of hydrogen atoms, just divide that by Avogadro’s number to get energy/atom:

1.31 X 10^6 J/mol / 6.02 X 10^23 atoms/mol = 2.18 X 10^-18 J/atom

Mary asks…

Why cant i get the android app Voxer on my xperia x10?

I tried downloading the app voxer but I couldn’t find it on the market. Other android users have it. Is it my sony ericcson xperia x10?

Administrator answers:

Not so sure but this may be due to android version on your phone.
If you don’t have android 2.2 or above the app will not support.

Carol asks…

What is the best workout routine to gain weight/muscle mass?

I am considering either 5 x 5 training or 10 x10. If you had great success with other routines please fill me in on the details.

Administrator answers:

1 set of 20 or so squats.

John asks…

im thinking of buying a camera in price range 200 to 300 dollars, What do you recommend?

I have no experience of digital cameras, want something with good optical zoom (x10 or x12), that is easy to use, with good memory capacity. Good interface for use and for transfer to pc. Please help!

Administrator answers:

The canon powershot S5IS is a great camera. I took it on my 6 week backpacking trip. I took two 2gig cards and had plenty of room. The upload is great. It is super easy to use for beginners but has lots of growth potential as you get better. The older models (S4 or S3) are just a great and cost less.

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