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March 23, 2013

Sandy asks…

What is a good Focal point, scented, pretty, shade shrub/ tree for garden in southeastern washington?

I live in Southeastern washington which is dry and warm. I have a garden near the house that is near the front door. It is about 10 X10 foot and gets mostly shade. I would like to plant a smallish (5-6ft tall) shrub or tree that blooms and is colorful from spring to fall. Scented would also be nice. Maybe attract birds? I dont mind pruning/trimming and it will get plenty of water. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Mostly shaded area will not give you the flowering plants you desire. If however there is at least 6 hours of sun in the area you describe then shrub roses, would be a great addition.Of course there’s nothing better that azalea’s and rhododendrons. Small understory trees like dogwoods and viburnums would be good for mostly shaded area with some sun not scorching sun. Also low growing hostas have a variety of leaf color and texture and blooms in July, they love filtered shade. Small Maple tree the mini’s would work well in the space you described as well. Ajuga is great ground cover also spring bulbs scatted about would be a nice touch to fill out the space. Then if your really serious about a focal point put in a small pond or small water feature. Garden centers have an amazing variety to choose from. The water will attract birds, butterflies, and the sound of.water trickling down a spout is so relaxing. Good Luck.

Steven asks…

How to plot all the key properties using excel from steel tensile test results?

I am trying to work out how to plot proof stress, yield stress, and all of the key properties from tensile test data but can’t seem to do it properly, I understand that to get proof stress, you calculate length of specimen x 0.1%.
But, as the strain values are in x10-6, how do I then plot where the first point is?
Another thing is, how do I find the proportional limit on the graph?

Administrator answers:

Just because the values are in tiny units doesn’t mean that you can’t chart them. If, for example, the value is 3 x 10^-6, just enter 3 in the appropriate cell, and add the “x 10^-6″ to the label on the final chart.

Sandra asks…

How much should I max out on a flat bench press?

If I can bench press 225lbs 10 times on the third set of my workout (135 x10 and then 185 10x followed by the 225lbs 10x) what should i be able to max out at? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I would say around 275-300lbs.Or may be less.depends on your endurance.I do know couple of people who can do 135*50 but can only maxout at 225.I lack endurance for me every 1 rep adds 10 lbs.So if i get 10 reps with 225 its 325 maxout for me.

Betty asks…

How to transport my current marine life into a larger set up?

I currently have a small saltwater tank (18″x10“x12″) containing live rock, shell grit gravel, a starfish, a yellow goby and a false gramma.

I have bought a larger tank (24″x12″x18″) and I wish to transport my current setup to this before adding in a few seahorses.

What is the best way to transport my current set up?

Can I use my original water and substrate + new salt water and substrate to top up. Or should I start with new substrate and water and let it cycle before adding anything in?

I also have a filter (foam/activated carbon/biomax), protein skimmer, and heater.

Administrator answers:

Yes you can transfer everything over to your new tank. I did it with a 55 gal to a 75 gal in one day. Take all your water out save it, then take out your gravel put in new tank, put back live rock in new tank and so on. You may have to add some new salt water but that will be fine. I added fish back the same all are doing fine.

Helen asks…

How do you know when your phone is connected to wifi and not internet on phone?

I have a sony ericsson xperia x10 pro phone. i want to be able to use wifi but everytime i have tried to connect to our wireless modem it is not clear if using wifi or internet on phone. no symbols show up, i would appreciate any advice on this, thanks :o )

Administrator answers:

Click the wifi sign x

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