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March 29, 2013

Jenny asks…

How much would it cost to upgrade to an Iphone?

I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10(still in warranty, if it matters). How much would it cost to upgrage to an iPhone 3Gs or 4 at Rogers? Do I have a specific time frame to be able to upgrade it?

Other infos ?
my plan is the $30 student plan with ROGERS.

Administrator answers:

Full price
599 or 699 US not sure on the exchange rate right now

Paul asks…

How to clean a Mobile phone or cell phone screen?

I have a Sony Xperia X10(Smartphone: Iphone design) but the phone is so dirty with this stuff. I know its not make up because i do not not where make up.

Administrator answers:

Get a heavily rung cloth and wipe it off, or maybe go to a local phone store and ask for proper cleaning spray

Carol asks…

What is the best beginner camcorder that shoots HD video and good photos?

I’ve searched and most reviews say it’s bad in the dark or makes ticking noises or maybe is too expensive. I’m looking for a good camera with HD video, good photos, far zoom ( x10 or higher ), and doesn’t get grainy in the dark.

Administrator answers:

The Canon Vixia HV40 is a slightly refined version of the spectacular HV30. Great lens, very good ease of use and features, and great results. There really isn’t much to say about these cameras that hasn’t already been said. So your decision really isn’t about the camera and its features – it’s about whether to buy a tape-based camcorder.


Laura asks…

What are your favorite applications on Android or/and iPhone? And why do you prefer iPhone or Android?

I know that on iPhone there are much choices of applications, ok…
But if we just consider quality, and not quantity, which system is the best?
Comparison on useful applications and also videogames.
Also it seems that Android has much more free applications than iPhone?

And do you think that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is a good cellphone, or should I buy another one?


Administrator answers:

I think both are good. My favorite apps are: Evernote, hootsuite, google voice, Stitcher and Instapaper. All are on both platforms. There are more free apps on Android- for example Angry Birds is on both but is free on Android.

The iPhone is better integrated but the Android has the ability to have different features.

The Xperia X10 is a pretty good phone, but it is getting a little old. If you like Sony phones, consider the new Sony XPeria Arc.

Nancy asks…

How can I fit a pool table in a basement with a post in the middle of the room?

I would like to put a 7′ or 8′ pool table in my 19′x16′ basement but there is a single ceiling post at the 9′x10‘ mark. I don’t want to spend a lot of money to remove it. Any other ideas on how to make it fit? Will the post really be in the way too much to play pool?

Administrator answers:

We have a really small room and there is no room to draw back the cue. I imagine that the same problem will occur in this instance. My only suggestions are either to find another room or buy a smaller table. We use ours to store files on

Lisa asks…

What would be a great name for my business?

I am starting a hauling business with my truck and 5′x10‘ trailer. I am wanting to haul anything from firewood to livestock feed, etc. I am looking to have my business, just in my area and surrounding towns. I am trying to think of some great names for my business, so that I can possibly have a good start. It is going to be a service for others that don’t have the time and/or the means of transporting something they need. Thanks for any info that you can give me.

Administrator answers:




Mark asks…

How to connect to the internet using wifi from my phone?

Hey. I have a sony ericisson Xperia X10. My laptop is a acer aspire with Wifi. Is there a way to connect to the internet from my mobile phone using the laptop. (I have a broadband internet connection in my laptop.) Thanks in advance :)

Administrator answers:

First, contact your cellular provider and make sure you have that option available on your cellular plan. Just because your phone gets internet doesn’t mean you can tether it to your devices.

Their may be a Mobile WIFI Hotspot app for your phone, but you will have to check the phone for it. If it has one, and you have the service, turn it on, set a few simple setting that it should prompt you for, then connect your laptop as you would to your home internet or any other wifi.

If it does not have an app, you will have to “tether” your phone to your laptop via blue tooth or a USB cable. The easiest way to figure that out is to do some reading on the internet or to simple go to a local retail store for your cell phone provider and make one of their “expert” associates show you how.

Best of luck!

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