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April 3, 2013

William asks…

What is the resultant acceleration on the astronauts?

The first stage of the Saturn V rocket achieved a thrust of 3.3 x 10 power of 7N. It had a mass of 2.5 x10 power of 6kg.
a) What is the resultant acceleration on the astronauts?
b)Is this medically safe?
c)This stage fired for 168 seconds, how high was the rocket?

Administrator answers:

A) F = ma. You have F and m. Solve for a.
B) They weren’t killed or injured, so apparently the answer is “yes”. But you’re probably supposed to convert the answer in a to g’s by dividing by 9.8 m/sec^2. For instance 20 m/sec^2 is 20/9.8 = 2.04 g’s.

Then you’re supposed to comment on the medical consequences of that many g’s.

C) d = (1/2)at^2

Linda asks…

Where do i find a purple scrapbook album?

I would like an 8.5 x10 or 8×8 not top loading with the screws. Im looking for the type of album that creative memories makes. It needs to be a dark pruple.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dark purple scrapbook. If you’ve already tried Hobby Lobby and Michaels, find a Scrapbook store locally and go see what they have in stock. They may be able to order a certain color for you.

Other than that, you could try using fabric paint on a light beige book. Get a large bottle and use a wide natural brush and brush it on lightly until you have the shade you want. Test the color on something else first to see how it dries.

John asks…

How do people find a good friendly fish keeping forum?

I own a forum and would be interested how folks find these on the net when im not listed in Google or Yahoo search engines.

Administrator answers:

Recommendations ,word of mouth finding you by chance by typing in something else .
You should list yourself on google and yahoo search pages nice site i am a member of the monster fish keepers but the site you have looks well presented and set up.

Donald asks…

Is there a way of quickly removing all music from favourites on an android phone?

I have Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 with mediascape, is there a way of clearing all favourites quickly rather than 1 by 1?

Administrator answers:

Try panda PC SUITE.
PC Suite fully supports mobile phones on the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. As long as you have PC Suite, massive resources are free to access.

You can use pc suite to manage your phone (apps ringtones)

And go to the download page,I think you can find anything (games&apps) you want. ALL FOR FREE!

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