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April 10, 2013

Steven asks…

Can I use my motorcycle battery charger as a power source to test my trailer lights?

or is there a better way without hooking up the truck?
also any websites with tips for building tool (carpentry) storage in a 5 x10 cargo trailer?
Thanks IA.
I need help organizing.

Administrator answers:

Sure any power wil work to test lights… And you know carpentry should be able to bulid what you want you know what tools you used the most have them out handly while storing other tools in what ever place you want

Richard asks…

How many two year olds will fit in to an elevator?

The elevator is a 10′x10x10 area and the two year olds are average height and weight.

Administrator answers:

The answer is x, which is a variable..

Mark asks…

What is the distance between the points?

A mass spectrometer is designed to separate protein fragments. The fragments are ionized by removing a single electron and then enter a 0.80 T uniform magnetic field at a speed of 2.3 x10 ^5 m/s. If a fragment has a mass that is 85 times the mass of the proton, what will be the distance between the points where the ion enters and exits the magnetic field?

Administrator answers:

The force on the particle on entering the field is q*(V x B). The force is at right angles to the velocity, so the magnitude of velocity does not change and the particle moves in a circle such that the centrifugal force balances the magnetic force

m*V²/R = q*V*B

R = m*V²/q*V*B

To enter and leave the field, the particle must travel a half-circle, and the displacement from entrance to exit is 2*R.

D = 2*(m/q)*V/B

let mp = mass of proton and qp = charge of proton, then

d = 2*85*(mp/qp)*V*B

mp/qp = 1.04*10^-8 kg/C

V = 2.3*10^5 m/s
B = 0.80 T

d = 0.32 m

Mandy asks…

Calculate how far in meters the bottom of the ship is below sea level?

An oil tanker fully loaded has a mass of 6 x10^8 kg . Assume the ship has a shape like a shoebox: 300 m long, 80 m wide and 40 m high. Calculate how far in meters the bottom of the ship is below sea level when the density of seawater is 1020 kg m3 .

Administrator answers:

Use archimedes principle

the weight of water displaced equals the weight of the ship when in equilibrium

so g * 6 * 10^8 = g * 1020 * 300 * 80 * d
where d is the depth of the ship’s bottom and g is local gravity

I get 24.5m, which seems reasonable

Nancy asks…

How long charge for first time Xperia x10?

How long do I have to charge my xperia x10 for first time?

Administrator answers:

Atleast 8h

David asks…

What is the energy in kilojoules of a mole?

What is the energy in joules of a photon with a frequency of 2.00e+13 s-1? What is the energy in kilojoules of a mole of photons of this frequency? Express you answers to three significant digits.

– If the energy of a photon in joules is 1.33 x10-20 how do I get the correct amount of kilojoules?

Administrator answers:

If the energy in Joules is 1.33 x 10^-20 then in kilojoules it will be 1.33 x 10^-23 and to convert it to per mole multiply by Avogadro no. Or
1.33 x 10^-23 x 6.02 x 10^23 = 1.33 x 6.02 Kilojoule/mole

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