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April 16, 2013

Mandy asks…

Does the android system automatically upgrades itself?

Like,I am planning to buy XPERIA X10 ,which has android version 1.6,will it be receiving updates such that it gets upgraded to version 2.1 and beyond.

Administrator answers:

Yes it can receive updates & u can upgrade later…happy buying

Mary asks…

What really makes an answer get reported?

I submitted an answer like an hour ago and it got reported. I answerd what was asked and I’ve answered stuff like that before and nothing, I’ve also seen answers x10 worse than mine.

So what exactly makes an answer gets reported? And do inoffensive answers get reported often? Also, should I do the thing that you mail Yahoo when they report you?

Administrator answers:

Yahoo compares trusted reporter(I’ll refer to it as TR) status, or simply put, their trust level on yahoo answers.

ALL users have their own unique TR status. Every user starts out with a very low TR, and as you report users accurately, your TR status rises. If you report things that are not violations or you yourself get violations, your trust level decreases.

Now, how does a question or answer get removed? When a report is made, yahoo (automatically) compares the trust level between members. If the person doing the reporting has a high enough trust level and the person being reported has a low trust level, the question/answer is removed.

If it is the other way around, and the person reporting has a low trust level and the person being reported has a high trust level, the question/answer will not be removed. It will take additional users to report the question/answer for it to be removed.

Other info-
• Top Contributor badges have nothing to do with a person’s TR status
• It is possible for a level 2 user who reports accurately will have a higher TR than a level 7 user
• here’s a yahoo blog with more info about CM(community moderation)
good stuff here ->

Yes, answers that aren’t offensive are unfortunately reported as often. It seems that trolls like to report the answers that barely break the rules like chatting. Meanwhile, the hateful, offensive stuff remains.

I would ONLY appeal if you are sure that it isn’t a violation. I have had some experiences where I believe the appeals process is automated. I think you should first appeal. If it is denied, email the yahoo answers team.


Betty asks…

How Do I convert a large Pub file to pdf?

I am making a sign 4′x10‘ and I need to convert my design from Publisher to pdf.
Please help me I need it asap.

Administrator answers:

1 – Create Adobe® PDF Online will Convert documents to Adobe PDF
2 – Publisher to PDF – tutorial that shows how to convert publications created with Microsoft Publisher

Jenny asks…

What material heats fast but cools slow?

My class is working on a solar heating project. Our goal is to heat 10″x10x10” of air as quickly as possible, get it as hot as we can, and hold the heat for the longest amount of time possible. The materials we use also have to be eco-friendly and user friendly. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we should use as an absorber?

Administrator answers:

Think about shape and color, Greenhouses have a different shape to retain sun and heat…so Think about that, and also the shade of black adsorbs the most heat so it will stay the hottest…Uhm I’m not sure of materials…though a vacuum will NOT let heat escape, so you could have 5 sides a vacuum and the one side the heat source.

Or you could heat a box inside a box, then suck out all the air once heated.

Linda asks…

How much would it cost to add a room onto a house?

How much would it cost to add a 200 sf room (20′x10‘) onto a house. A bare room, with the concrete foundation as the floor inside. If it were built with the cheapest (reasonably quality) materials possible, with no heating, plumbing etc. Just a concrete foundation, attached to the house, with walls (insulated) and a roof.

Administrator answers:

I did it for about 7,000$! Had a contractor help with the roof and the foundation and did the rest of it I did myself. Codes here do not require that you have heat if it for your own use and not a rental.In fact ours is considered a three season porch and without heat not even taxed as living space!

Lizzie asks…

What happens when I have a greater exponent on the bottom of a fraction?

I’m really having trouble with this problem: x10/x14. (That’s X to the 10th power over X to the fourteenth power) Is it X to the negative 4th power? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Your answer would either be x4 or 1/x-4. You’ll learn about this soon, I’m sure. But you subtract them like you usually would in a division problem (I’m pretty sure you’ve learned about that already) and because the obvious answer is -4, that’s what it is. Then the other answer is x4 because it cancels about the negative by changing the placement of the fraction, you’ll learn about it soon, I’m sure.

John asks…

How long does it take to grow a Texas Everbearing Fig tree?

How long does it take to grow a Texas Everbearing Fig tree? I got one for my husband for V-day. It’s about 2 feet right now. I was just wondering how long it would be before fruit started to grow on it. The tag says to “stake or guy wires for 2 years.”It needs full sun and it gets 10′ x10‘. Does any one know anything else about this tree?

Administrator answers:

Figure about a foot or so per year at this stage.
The guy wires or stakes are important to make it
a tree instead of a ground hugging bush.
It may not produce much this summer, if at all,
but next summer it should start producing a little.

Those are big, heavy figs, and you may want to
continue to stake it up longer than two years.

Expect to prune it a little in the late fall.

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