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April 24, 2013

James asks…

What are the benefits of becoming a Vegetarian?

I wasn’t quite planning on ever becoming a vegetarian, but what are the good things that come out of it? Health benefits and warnings?

Thanks x10

Administrator answers:

Check out the lin below it had the pros and cons of being a vegetarian

Susan asks…

Can i jack up an enclosed porch and use 4×6 to support it?

I have a enclosed back porch with no foundation. It is currently being used as a utility room. It sits on lime stone slabs stacked up. Wanting to know if i can use 4×4 or 4×6 post to support it? It’s only 5 1/2′x10 1/2′ size…One quarter of it is ground level (live on a hill). Also it sets 18″ off the groud on the slope side.

Administrator answers:

If you’re referring to creating sunken posts, treated 4×4 lumber should be fine. Sink the posts into a concrete footer dug to a level beneath the frost line in your area. This might be a bit more daunting than it appears, you’ll be digging a few feet straight down, beneath a porch.

Please be sure you’re confident in your skills before attempting this project.

If you’re talking about stacking wood to replace the limestone… I wouldn’t recommend it, as the structure would be unstable and not on par with code. But for a quick fix, it will work. Be sure to use pressure treated lumber, and understand you’re doing so at your own risk.

Donna asks…

What do you think it will run in the quarter mile?

1969 amx 390 4-speed. The previous setup hp unknown 4.56 gear posi, 27″x10-15 hoosier quik time tires, no traction adders ran 12.52 @113mph. Now I have a lot more head work, dyno proven 450hp, 26″x8.5-15 mickey thompson drag slicks, 4.10 gears, and cal-trac traction bars from calvert racing. What do you think it’s going to run now?

Administrator answers:


but still, even if it takes 18… Its an AMX

Nancy asks…

Where can I find the Sony Xperia X10 Mini?

Is the xperia X10 mini sold in the US??? If by which service? Is it sold by Sprint??? Or should I get the HTC Evo 4G……..and is the evo good? Thx!

Administrator answers:

You can order the phone online.
I didnt find any on ebay but google shopping had some listed, heres the link:

They seem to run 500-800 dollars and most of the sites mention they are imported and unlocked.

As for a physical store you could go to and pick one up, i dont think its in the US yet.

Linda asks…

I just finished building my indoor rock climbing wall. How do you guys set routes?

I have a 12′x8′ 45 degree section, 8′x8′ straight and a 4′x10‘ bulge. I just wonder how you guys set routes on there to keep it interesting. I am getting my kids into climbing and I think with this as a first step we will spend next summer all outside.

Administrator answers:

For a new wall, I would put up most of the holds you have right away.

From there, you could play “add on” (where each climber takes 1 turn at a time and adds a move each time. If you come up with one you really like or couldn’t quite get, then use coloured tape to mark it. Or just mark some holds off and try them, and keep changing it up until you find a good sequence.

Each person can put up routes to try to stump the other climbers. Usually you only mark a route that you have completed clean, that way it’s established that it’s actually possible, lol.

Once a route become too easy, you can keep tweaking it, for example turn the positive holds upside down.

Rout setting is an art so it takes practice and creativity.

Beer caps nailed in make nice challenging foot holds!

Enjoy your wall, remember to spot each other.

David asks…

How staining and phase contrast techniques affect contrast in the image?

In my practical, idione solution was used to stain an onion skin sample, which then was viewed under microscopic magnifications of x10 and x40.

PLEASEEE if possible, i need a more detailed answer than just a line, because I’m doing a 3 page report. But if you don’t have a long answer then even a short one will help. With many thanks

Administrator answers:

You just finished a lab practical, which means you just looked at the onion with and without stain, and with and without phase contrast with your very own peepers. What did you see? Write it down!

Anything else is dishonest in a way that’s guaranteed to break science if it spreads. Nobody in the field is gonna help you do that.


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