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April 29, 2013

Charles asks…

Is the sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro eny good ?

I’m might be getting the sony ericsson xperia x10 mini pro for Christmas but I would Like to know if it’s eny good so is you have one I would like to know if you likE it (10 POINTS !!!!!!)

Administrator answers:

Yeah, it’s good! I bet you’ll like it! :D

Watch some of these videos to get a look:

I think you’ll like it…

Merry Christmas! :D

Joseph asks…

How do you do this scientific notation problem with work shown?

How do you do this scientific notation problem, did I do it correctly?
The problems says to Write this number in scientific notation form 2,487,840.
So I moved the decimal 6 places to the right and ended up with 2.48784 X 10^6. Am I supposed to write it as THAT or as only 2.48 or rounded to 2.49 X10^6?

Administrator answers:

(That is correct. Although it’s six places to the *left…. :)
but use 2.487840, as that is more exact.

2,487,840 becomes
2.487840 x 10^6)

whether you should round it depends on your teacher, but I would leave it with 7 digits.

Donald asks…

What would be the orbital speed and period of a satellite in orbit be?

What would be the orbital speed and period of a satellite in orbit 0.99 x10^8 m above the Earth?

Administrator answers:

.99 x 10^8 miles above earth is about 6 million miles on the other side of the sun. The satellite might melt and burn up at those temperatures.

Mark asks…

im puting a new porch it is 16′long and 10′wide what is the the best way to do the roof?

16′x10‘ i only got about 3 foot to work with on the roof its a flat now but want a pitch but nothin really flat.

Administrator answers:

Your question was a little tough to understand.IF you mean your leaving an existing roof,and IF you mean you only have 3′ of height above existing roof to work with.Try adding tapered pcs. Of framing(2×4-3″ on one end and 1″ on opposite end) on existing roof, place then directly above rafters.Then apply sheathing,trim and roofing.
(you can use any taper you like depending on how much pitch you want just remember if you use a bigger pc. Of framing 4″-8″ it will be harder to attach to existing roof)

Chris asks…

What is an efficient way to construct basement walls ?

I am looking for a low budget basement wall construction. Just 2 walls which are 10′x10 ‘ and 10′x18′.

Administrator answers:

That depends on where you live. In New Mexico, Where I live, it is common to build basement walls out of cinder blocks, and tar the outside of the wall before filling the trench back in. But in places that get more rain, or where the water table is higher, that would not be a good idea, as the water would eventually seep through the walls, or under them.

Thomas asks…

What do you think is the current best android smartphone?

My Xperia X10‘s contract is nearly finished so I want a new android smartphone.
Which do you think is the best?
I’m thinking Samsung Galaxy S…?
What do you guys think?

Administrator answers:

Samsung galaxy S is still amazing despite being a year old. I think it retails around £220 now but still beats HTC desire S which is £100 more and all the phone within its price group.
However if you got the extra cash then go for the Samsung galaxy S II. They have improved upon the sgs in every single category. Its not like apple where they just made minor changes and then made it out like its evolutionary.

Lizzie asks…

What was the best gift Farmville gave you when you opened your presents?

Some of my friends got great gifts such as a gingerbread house and santa’s sleigh when they opened the farmville presents. The best I got was fuel refill x10. I was just wondering what was the best present farmville gave you.

Administrator answers:

A grey mystery box. I received 3 boxes and each box contain golden fountain which gave me 450xp each. I have 3 fountains so, i got 1450xp.

Linda asks…

Can you convert low voltage lighting transformer to solar?

I have a 600W Malibu transformer that I’d like to swap out to solar power. I’ve already replaced all my bulbs with LED and my power draw for my entire system is very low (.5w per bulb x10). Can I pick up a solar panel, 12v battery and a converter/conditioner to power the lights?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can do it but why? The total load is only 5 watts. Changing the 600w transformer is not going to save money, that is just the capability of it. By doing this it would take you years to save money just to pay for the inverter, not counting the solar cell and battery. By not changing the 600w transformer you will still pull only 5 watts which is almost no cost in electricity.

Susan asks…

What is the significance of the following numbers in chemistry?

1. 6.626′x10^34
2. 1.66′x10^-24
3. 3.00’10^8
4. 96,500
5. 8.31

Administrator answers:

1 = Plank’s constant
2 = approximate mass of a proton
3 = velocity of light
4 = Faraday’s constant (number of coulombs in a mole of electrons–actually 96485)
5 = Ideal gas law constant in J/(K mol)

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