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May 2, 2013

Nancy asks…

What gazebo should i buy for a pool measuring 15×48?

I recently bought a pool measuring 15ft x48in and I’m looking to cover it with a gazebo but I can’t seem to find a place that has the size or bigger for what i’m looking for. I found one measuring, 14′ x 12′; 106″ center height, and another measuring Dome Garden House Gazebo – 13′x10‘. I’m not sure if both could fit over the pool. If someone has either advice or a place i can go, please let me know.

Administrator answers:

Don’t limit yourself to gazebo’s by name anyway. Widen your search for a pergola as well. Also, you can get one custom built for your pool size. You want to be careful with a pool cover because they will need to be bolted into your concrete which can lead to cracking of your pool’s surface. I have added 3 source links that may help you with your research. Good Luck.

Ken asks…

Is there anybody out there who has built a 4 season (Canadian) shack in which to work?

And if so , how did it work out? I play sax and there is no room in my new home to do so, I want to build a weather proof 8′X10‘X8′ shack, but am afraid of concerns such as heat,humidity, sound and weather isolation. The weather around Montreal goes from up to 35C in the summer to -30C in the dead of winter. My budget is $3000 Can. What should I be aware of before going ahead with this project?

Administrator answers:

Your best bet would be to go to a big hardware store and buy a kit for a storage shed which sits above the ground and insulate it and add heat an lights.
I did the something like that here in alaska for my outside storage and it cost about 2500 two years ago, just don’t make the mistake I did and forget to add a vent for fresh air,

Donna asks…

What is the magnitude of the electric force between the balloons in Newtons?

Anthea rub two latex balloons against her hair, causing the balloons to become charged negatively with 2.02 x10-6 C. She holds them a distance of 0.362 m apart. What is the magnitude of the electric force between the balloons in Newtons?

Administrator answers:


F=8.99×10^9(2.02 x10-6)(2.02 x10-6)/0.362^2

F=0.2799 N

Mark asks…

what is the cost of cutting a concrete wall?

I need to have a 20″x10” opening cut in a concrete foundation wall in my basement. How much will this cost?

Administrator answers:

Go to a rental shop and ask them if they got the tool to do this which is a couple of tracks that are fastened to the house to hold the circular saw with a concrete cutting blade. You need everything as this does not cut like a piece of wood(well it does, but it is extremely hard wood) The blade itself is over 100 bucks.
…If that rental shop does not have the equipment ask them who does and if they are gonna be tight lipped about it try closer to a concrete making for the cement trucks. Even ask cement drivers if they know where. Then you know where the tool is and what the deal is…maybe you have to hire the services of the owner of the equipment to do it(which sometimes is just worth the time and effort) and cost. Or maybe you have “Cement cutters” in your phone book.

I think they cut it. I just had to dig the hole around the future window (where there was none below the lawn) to give them room to get their frame equipment which held the track in as it was a 48″ block cut through 10 ” of concrete… And I am glad I did not have to do the cutting for it was DUSTEE!

Chris asks…

Where can I print out my 8×10 head shots and how fast will they be printed?

Hello, I want to print out my head shots at a size of 8 x10. I don’t want the quality to suffer. I would send them online to Costco, but I don’t know if the quality suffers if I send them online. If I take my USB to Cosco/Walmart, how long will it take to print 3 pictures? An hour wait, or instantly?

Administrator answers:

L know Superfine Printing does a fabulous job – very good quality and very quick turn-around time. Been using them for years…they’ve never let me down! And I’m VERY picky when it comes to quality! This is their number, if your interested – 212-827-0063 and I’ll attach the site – I think you’ll really like their work good luck, hope I helped you out!

Lisa asks…

How much mulch will I need for a flower bed?

We are building a flower bed in a corner of our yard. The bed is a triangle, measuring 21′x12′x10‘. We need to know how much mulch we will need to fill the area, and plan to make the mulch about 2″ deep. For future reference if you could tell me how you figured this out, I would appreciate it. Thank you!

Administrator answers:


Experts say 3 inches of mulch is ideal.

For 2inches depth multiply 21 x 12 x 10 =2520 – 10% =2268 divided by 160 for the 2inch you want to lay.

14.175 cubic yards (One cubic yard equals 27 cubic feet.)

Charles asks…

how to get the smell of smoke out of a rug?

okay, so i moved to college and back home my parents smoke and the 6′x10‘ rug i took to school smells of cigarettes. How can i get rig of that smell, any suggestions or advice. thanks.
well before i came to school, I use carpet cleaner on it and let it air out over night outside but it still has that smell, when people come in they can smell it.

Administrator answers:

Try spraying the rug with a 1 part white vinegar to 8 part water mixture till it’s pretty damp. Then let dry.

Your rug won’t smell like a pickle either once it’s dry.

Ruth asks…

Does anyone know where I can purchase cheap picture frames?

I’m looking for a picture frame that fits an 8 X 10. It could be larger (like an 11 X 14 frame that sizes the 8 X10 which includes that white thick border around it). I’ve been looking around in a couple stores and that frame with that particular size costs about $10 – $12, which I think is too much. Anyone know any places that sells for a cheaper price?

Administrator answers:


Hobby Lobby.


Note: Michaels always has a 40% off coupon in the paper. Tell them that your forgot yours and they will honor it anyway.

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