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May 15, 2013

Mary asks…

Need info on cleaning a baby pool?

I have a 6′x10‘ inflatable baby pool about 1.5′ deep and we keep it covered when we aren’t using it. It has been covered for about a week and although it looks fairly clean there is a slimy film all over it. There are also small “chunks” of algae laying on the bottom. Is there a safe way to clean an inflatable plastic pool?

Administrator answers:

1. Dump the water out.
2. Clean it with an anti-bacterial agent
3. I’d use a little bleach too
4. Rinse thoroughly
5. Put it in the hot sun and make sure all sides get the sun treatment.
6. Fill and swim

David asks…

Would it be cheaper to build or to buy an outdoor shed?

I have an 8′X10‘ building that I want to add another 8′X10‘ extension to. What I really mean is I want to build an exact copy of my building and just combine them together.

Administrator answers:

I built a 16 X 12 shed for @ the same price as a 12 X 8 piece of junk from The Home depot. I built it all myself so I know its going to last with better quality materials.

Linda asks…

Can you recommend good android apps and games?

I have a xperia x10 mini pro and I want good games and apps. I know games like angry birds are popular. But are there other games and apps that could be compatible with my phone?

Administrator answers:

1. Fruit Ninja
2. PiB Fruit Ninja [same as fruit ninja but more challenging.]
3. Angry Birds Space
4. Talking Tom Cat [not a game but fun to talk with]
5. Air Penguin
6. Monopoly Classic

Thats all i got….hope this helps :)

Ruth asks…

How do i get wifi on my android?

I am using sony Xperia x10 mini. with android 2.1 installed. Somehow i do not know why, the phone cannot sense nearby wifi networks, such as a ad-hoc network. But when it comes to networks at public places, such as my college wifi, it gets the signal. How do i fix it?

Administrator answers:

Turn SSID Broadcast – ON
In your router settings

Also for other Android news/help visit the site attached

Thank You

Helen asks…

How do you get online with the gold membership card for xbox 360 and also get to the xbox live market place?

I also dont really get what the silver membership does? Could you please put it in full details Thx alot x10 i f you could help.

Administrator answers:

First you have to be connected to the internet to even put your gold code in to create an account, once you have that down it will take some time for the updates since im guessing you have not seen the new dashboard. All you really have to do once your on the dashboard is really just use your stick to scroll up until you find the XBL Market place and if your trying to redeem a micrrosoft point card do it on either or go to your dashboard and go to redeem code and you will get it from there

Sharon asks…

How long does it take to mold a vase from clay?

The scenario is a professional or very experienced person using a pottery wheel to mold your typical vase, maybe 6″x10“?

Also, is there a way to calculate how many vases (and maybe other cups, bowls, etc) can be made from an x lbs. bag of clay?

Administrator answers:

Not to be impolite, but potters working on a wheel are throwing, not molding. Molding is something else entirely.

Anyway, I have seen experienced potters throw a nice vase in about 10 minutes, including centering the clay. I am an intermediate hobbyist potter and it would take me at least half an hour.

There are some books that will give you an estimate of how many pounds of clay you would be likely to use for an average bowl, mug, etc. A good potter uses less clay because they don’t lose much (if any) in the centering process. It takes me about four pounds to make a decent-sized bowl or mug.

Ken asks…

where can I find a fairly large lock box for my spare change?

My roommate steals my spare change because he’s a broke ass. I need a lock box for my spare change that he cannot pick. Around a 10″X10“X5″ would be a good size.

Administrator answers:

Walmart. All our kids took them to college. Just screw it in the bottom of a drawer, and cover it with underwear or socks or something. Keep the key on you.

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