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May 20, 2013

Mary asks…

Why do the videos i record on my phone not play audio on my laptop?

I recorded a video on my x10 mini pro and played it back on the phone, it had sound. I transfered it to my laptop but the sound wasnt working. This happened with every other video. Why?

Administrator answers:

All videos you play works under certain audio and video codecs, I think there is a problem in audio codecs . Or try installing the lastest VLC player and check it.

Helen asks…

Whats the best way to shape my pond liner?

I was wondering if anyone was able to point towards a good site that had some excellent examples of a pond made of a pond liner thats 8′X10‘? I also heard this was pretty small but I want to make it as big as possible. A pair of turtles and a few foldfish are going in it. Thx for any help.

Administrator answers:

The great thing about a pond you do yourself, is that your imagination is the only limit. . . I love the small ponds myself. . . You can buy floating solar lights, and a pump (solar or electric) for water to shoot up (this is good, because it will keep the mosquitoes from laying eggs because they do not like moving water:). . . You could possible do a small waterfall. . . The list just keeps going on. Just check out the HGTV link I provide below. They are really good at showing you how to do things that look great on tight budget :)

Maria asks…

How do i save my samsung x10 hardrive from having to be wiped?

My samsung x10 was unplugged whilst playing music and it automatically shut down. now when i turn it on it will not get any further than the windows xp page and i have been told that there is a corruption (?) and the hardrive will have to be wiped clean in order to re install windows and use the laptop again. i cannot lose saved files on the hardrive. Can anyone suggest ANYTHING i can do?????

Administrator answers:

Aren’t you glad I suggested Yahoo Answers,already two sensible answers.Talk to you later. Love you

Lizzie asks…

What kind of grass is best to plant this time of year?

I have a very small yard approximately 30′x10‘ but I want to have grass for my dog to run around and play in instead of just dirt. I know most grasses are better planted in the cooler months but if I decided to plant now what would be the best choice?

Administrator answers:

Any of the cool weather grasses can be planted. If you have an active dog, I would suggest either a perennial rye or fescue. The blades are broader and sturdier than blue grass and are more drought and disease resistant.

Sandy asks…

What is the frequency of a photon with a wavelength of 680 nm?

A) 2.04 x 10^-18 s^-1

B) 4.41 x10^14 s^-1

C) 2.23 x10^18 s^-1

D) radio waves

E) ultraviolet light

I’m studying my old tests, and I chose the answer B, which was right, but I completely forgot how I did it. Can anyone explain to me how to do it?

Administrator answers:

C = frequency x wavelength

c = 3 x 10^ m/s

convert the wavelength to 6.8 x 10^-7 m.

Plug in and solve for the frequency

Lisa asks…

How much does it cost to print a picture at kinkos?

I wasnt to print off a larger picture of something i drew, and i was just wondering if anybody knows what the prices are for something between 18?x 24? or 8″x10” (or anything between those too)

and what is the canvas option??? and how much for a size between the two i showed

PS: i think i might be Fedx office i’d use.

Administrator answers:

They have a website and a phone number, so the best thing to do is call them or go into the store.

Jenny asks…

What’s the difference between Ten Square Feet, and Ten Feet Squared?

I think ten feet square is a 10′X10‘ box and ten squared feet would be something like 2′x5′, but I’m not sure.

Administrator answers:

About 90 sq ft. :-)

You are correct. 10′^2 is 10′x10′ and 10 sq ft would have dimensions of something that multiplied out to 10, like 2′x5′.

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