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May 25, 2013

Steven asks…

Does anyone know of a correlation between a dragon symbol and judaica?

Living in a home which is a Nationally Registered Landmark. It was built by a gentleman who was a merchant in the community and later became a Senator for the State of California. He was Jewish by faith. There is a huge symbol of a dragon carved onto the front of the home. The carving its self is apx 10′x10‘ so it’s not small and it is the ONLY decorative carving which depicts any recognizable symbol, plant, animal or otherwise. I am researching the history of the home further and am curious if anyone has any input. The Bohemian Club used to meet here also around the turn of the century.

Administrator answers:

I am an Orthodox Jew and did a quick check on a few of my books. The one thing I cannot find is any link between that kind of symbol and Judaism. It was not used by any of the 12 tribes or any of the various Kings of Israel.

It doesn’t meant here isn’t any (I am no authority on this matter), but I cannot find one. Maybe something more local to you and the area though. Another option is that it is merely decorative- especially if it is an oriental dragon, orientalism has come and gone in fashion. (A sudden thought- he wasn’t originally Welsh was he? It is a slim chance, I know)

Mandy asks…

How do you escape your basement if there is a fire?

i am really fat and the only window to get out is 10”x10“. i was just wondering how i would escape if there is a fire. I just want to be safe because my mom does not have alot of experiece in the kitchen so i am a little nervous and by the way i sleep down there.

Administrator answers:

You better learn to squeeze through those little windows. You should, by law have another exit out of the basement is it is used to living purposes.

Betty asks…

How do I make something 10 by 10 inches on MS Paint?

I’m entering a T-shirt design contest and one of the requirements is that the design should be no larger than 10”x10” But I don’t know how to size that on MS Paint. Help?

Administrator answers:

Open Paint > go to attributes> under units select inches> under height put 10 and under width put 10> press OK button.

Jenny asks…

How much would I spend on a gaming PC?

I need to buy a super powerful gaming PC by November 11th of this year, like “Play Crysis on max settings x10” kind of powerful. How much $$ would I have to drop on this? I only play games and know nothing of computers and have NO idea where I would start building my own, and as you can probably tell from this question, I have no friends to help me. Please recommend some I could purchase pre-built for preferably less then 2,000$.

Administrator answers:

Build it yourself

Intel Core i5 2500K processor – $220
ASUS P67 or Z68 motherboard – $200
Case – $70
Power supply – $100
4 GB DDR3 RAM – $45
Windows 7 x64 bit – $95
Coolermaster Hyper 212+ Cooler – $30
WD Caviar Black 64 mb cache hard drive 1 TB – $90
ATI Radeon 6970 or Nvidia 570 GTX video card (x2 if you really want) – $320-640

Laura asks…

How many oxygen atoms are there in 170 grams of cesium phosphate?

The answer key says 6.43 x 10^23 atoms but I keep getting 8.29 x10^23, am i doing anything wrong here?

Administrator answers:

Okay you start out with 170 g of cesium phosphate, and you need to first convert to moles of cesium phosphate
so 170 g x molar mass ( 1/3(132.90)+30.973+4(16.00) or 1/493.673) =0.3443575 moles of cesium phosphate

and so you know there are 6.022×10^23 molecules per mole so multiply moles by 6.022×10^23 and get 2.073720864 x 10^23 molecules, and you have 4 atoms of O per molecule
so multiply 2.073720864 x 10^23 by 4 and get

8.294883455 x 10^23 atoms of O.

So um. In answering your question. No i don’t think you’re getting anything wrong. I think it might be a typo? You should probably ask your teacher if it’s a typo or anything. Because I think it’s 8.29 x 10^23.
:) i think it’s a typo.

William asks…

How many cubic feet in a storage unit?

I can’t find on Public Storage’s website any info about how many cubic feet their 5×10 unit is. Obviously it’s 50 square feet, but they have no info about cubic feet. I have a unit in California that I am moving the contents of to my current home in Pennsylvania, but I cannot access it until the move date, so I have no way of measuring it. So, anyone happen to know the cubic footage of a 5′x10‘ Public Storage storage unit?

Administrator answers:

You need the height to work it out, if you dont know the height take a guess and multiply the square feet by the height to give you a rough idea

Robert asks…

What happens if a juror does not answer guilty or not guilty?

Like, they cannot reach a valid black and white kind of answer. If it’s a really tough case what would happen if they could not come to a conclusion?

Just curious. Thanks x10

Administrator answers:

In the u.s., most criminal cases require a unanimous verdict. If the jury is unable to reach a unanimous verdict, the court declares a mistrial and the jury is discharged and the case is tried again. Some cases in some states do not require a unanimous jury. In some civil cases, for example, the parties can agree before the trial to a 3/4 verdict, thus preventing a mistrial

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