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June 1, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How do I install a bathtub drain over a floor joist.?

I am remodeling the bathroom and the drain for the new bathtub sits right over a floor joist. How do I go about getting the pipe in the proper position? The bathroom is fairly small (7′x8′), so we really do not have any option to move the tub. The joists are 2″x10“. Is it ok to remove some of the top of the joist if the bottom 2/3rds is reinforced withplywood or like material? Any suggestions??

Administrator answers:

You may have to head your joist off if you can’t notch it.
Get a good framing book from home depot or lowes to see how to do this.

You can notch it if it meets these conditions:

The notch can be no greater than 1/6th the depth of the joist.
Can not be cut anywhere in the middle 1/3 of the joist.
And can not be longer than one third the depth of the joist.

Sharon asks…

How to resize a digital photo?

I recently entered a photo contest and they chose my photo but they want me to send them a digital copy and they want it 300 dpi at 8″ X10” (2400 pixels X 3000 pixels). How do I do that? Thanks!
The original photo that they chose is 1200 X 1600 pixels. I guess I need it bigger instead of smaller.

Administrator answers:

Iran View!

Search for IranView in Google.. It is free & safe.. It is amazing in converting photo sizes & easy to work with! : )

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