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June 7, 2013

Donald asks…

How good is the ATI Mobility Radeon 9550 graphics card?

I was on eBay looking at apple laptops. I really don’t know anything about graphics cards, and I am looking for one that supports DirectX10. I know that this card, however, was only in Mac Laptops I think. I don’t think this card would support X10 though, but how good is the card? My current card is about 8 years old so, this has to be better lol.

Administrator answers:

I have a 256mb 9550 and im happy with it. I dont game but I do alot of video rendering and it keeps up with that. Be sure to get the ATI Catylist Control Center so you can tweek it. (free download)

James asks…

How much should I pay for this?

I broke a window in school today-single glazed, 12″x10” and they are gonna charge me for it. How much will it be?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the guy cutting the glass. I had one replaced this summer a little larger than that for $25.

George asks…

How much will a deck add to the value of my house?

The deck is 13′x10‘ with an 8′x12′ pergola. It is made of treated lumber and I did all the work myself. The deck has two levels; there is a level just out the back door with a wrap around step down t0 the main level.
The last time the house was appraised it was worth about 86K in Oklahoma.

Administrator answers:

It depends
Do most houses in your neighborhood have decks? If they do people will expect yours to have one too.
If houses in your neighborhood are selling for more then 86K, your house will be worth more now too. Housing prices are funny. A house just sold for 300K in my neighborhood. Even though I haven’t done anything on my house in years the fact that a house went for 300K makes my house worth more.

Nancy asks…

Find the speed of a satellite moving around the earth in a circular orbit?

(a) Find the speed of a satellite moving around the earth in a circular orbit that has a radius equal to six times the earth’s radius of 6.38 x10^6 m.

(b) Find the satellite’s orbital period.

Administrator answers:

Hmm, interesting question…

Using the following website (I don’t really have time for the math, in a hurry) 6x the Earth’s Radius gives an orbital velocity of… 11,622Km/Hour

And the orbital period is… 1,241 point something minutes or 20.6 hours.

Michael asks…

How can I upgrade the microSD of my phone?

I have Sony Ericcsson Xperia X10 mini Pro, which I have been using with the standard 2gb micro SD in it. Is there a way I can copy what is on the SD in there to a new SD card that is bigger, so I can upgrade the storage without losing data?

Administrator answers:

You need a MicroSD card adapter – they cost under ten bucks. You can get a card reader that will fit in a card slot for an SD card or into a USB slot. Pull the MicroSD card from your phone, copy the stuff from your old card onto your computer, copy it on to your new MicroSD card, then install the new card.

Here’s a link for a number of different card adapters, you can choose which one will work best for you:

Donna asks…

How can I identify if a Camille Pissarro oil painting is original?

The oil painting is entitiled “The Towpath” (metric size but small, approx 8″x10“). It is of a heavy canvas. On the back of frame it has some stamped numbers and the title.

Administrator answers:

Sniff it for the distinct hint of urine. Pissarro’s trademark.

Mark asks…

How long the shipment stay in the Philippine Custom?

Because my husband send me a phone ( Xperia X10) and he send it super express, it says it will take about 4-5 days but it was stock in the custom for 4days already and they still don’t release it there.

I really want to get the phone asap… and I also want to get the contact no. of Custom so I can call them about my package.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Administrator answers:

You need to go in the Customs office and claim your package. Reason why it is held over there is that your husband might put the value of the phone. Customs collects taxes from items with the declared value. It is 12% of the item value. So if it is $500. You will pay 12% of $500 plus some nominal fees. Just go straight there and claim it before they declare it “abandoned”.

William asks…

How to fix the mode of my calculator?

Now I have a Casio fx-82MS. But anyways. Somehow I switched the mode so now it makes it ( 200 = 2.0000_x10^02)

I can figure it out of course, but it’s getting annoying and I don’t know how to switch it back.

Any takers?

Administrator answers:

That’s scientific notation.

I have an inexpensive casio (different model though) handy.
Press MODE key (it’s at top right next to ON key on mine) until it displays
Fix Sci Norm
1 2 3

press the 3 key to select normal mode
(1 selects fixed notation, 2 selects scientific notation)

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