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June 10, 2013

James asks…

Does the size of the paper matter when it comes to legal documents?

My divorce paper was on 8.5 X10 pages, but the quit claim deed my family member set up was on an 8.5 x14. I just made one on 8.5 X10, is there going to be a problem with it now?

Administrator answers:

I believe the size does matter. Registries handle immense amounts of paper and if everyone sent in different sizes then the system be in worse shape than it is now.

But the best thing to do is call the Registar of Deeds in your locale for the only right answer to this question.

Richard asks…

Need a good phone could I have some ideas please?

I need a phone for less than £200. I am looking for a smart phone that is good for texting most likely pay as you go. I have been looking at a sony ericsson x10 mini pro (Qwerty Keyboard, 5 Mega Pixel Camera) but I was looking to see if there are any better phones currently out. Also anyone who has the x10 mini pro could you tell me if its worth buying or not.

Administrator answers:

I did a LOT of research into smartphones about 4 months ago. Don’t be fooled by touch screen phones and thinking it is hard to type as their texting style is actually very easy, especially with Swype.
I personally refuse to buy anything from Apple because the company is stingy (however, the iPhone 4 is still a decent phone). I narrowed mine down to the HTC Desire and the Samsung Galaxy S. Both are much and much with pros and cons, but both stand out in the smartphone world (there is now an HTC Desire HD although). I ended up getting the Desire and am glad i did. Look at reviews before you buy.

Donald asks…

what is the best music phone from sony ericsson?

ok, so im looking at 2 phones the sony ericsson X10 mini pro .. or sony ericsson W995 .. which of these has the best music .. oh and also can you use your own headphones for the sony ericsson w995?

Administrator answers:

I’ve never used the X10 Mini Pro but I have the W995 and it is a very good phone, especially the media player. Indeed, you can use your own headphones….finally! I’m using my own, do like the provided Sony Ericsson headphones but they break so easily!

I would recommend getting the W995, it’s good value for money and the phone all round works very well. Good applications and I’ve had no problems at all (unlike previous models). The sound from the music player is also vert good….you should definitely buy it, you won’t be disappointed!! :-)

Susan asks…

What is the electric field at a location where a 1.29 x10-19 C piece of lint experiences a force of 3.93×10-9?

Deepika pulls her wool sweater over her head, which carges her body as the sweater rubs against her cotton shirt. What is the electric field at a location where a 1.29 x10-19 C piece of lint experiences a force of 3.93×10-9 N as it floats near Deepika?

Administrator answers:

Use the law of Coulomb

Steven asks…

What percentage of energy is lost during the entire flight of the bullet?

a 2.00 g bullet fired from a rifle with an initial velocity of 841 m/s travels straight up and reaches an altitude of 2.8 x10^3 m. As it falls, it reaches its terminal velocity 210 m/s.

What percentage of energy is lost during the entire flight of the bullet?

Administrator answers:

About 94%

Mary asks…

I have a raised bed next to my strawberries?

I have a raised bed that is 10′x10‘ next to my strawberries and my question is, would I be able to plant my tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and yellow squash in the bed? I did transplant some strawberries in that bed but they Winter killed. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Sure! You can plant what ever you like!

Actually, I’m not sure what your concern is. If it’s “can I grow strawberries next to veggie plants”, the answer is Yes. If it’s “It tried to plant strawberries in that bed, but they didn’t make it through the winter – is there something wrong with that bed that I shouldn’t use it for other plants?” the answer is No, there’s nothing wrong with the bed. You can still plant your veggies there, even though your strawberries didn’t make it. (If they were transplanted in the fall, they may not have rooted in properly before winter came. Nothing wrong with the bed)

Nancy asks…

What was your first sign of pregnancy and how soon was it?

My husband and I are trying to conceive. I think I just ovulated a couple of days ago. I am now so bitchy, PMS x10, I am tired, and am a bit dizzy/lightheaded and hungrier than usual. I never had any signs with my son (except for missed period and a bit of tiredness looking back at it and it only happened a few days before my period was due). But this just seems way too soon to have any signs. What do you think? Is it too soon and just in my head?

Administrator answers:

My breasts were tender and my hair was coming out more than whats normal so I took a test and it was positive. My doctor had me come in 2 weeks later and I was 6 weeks pregnant so I knew when I was 4 weeks along.

Carol asks…

How strict or lenient is Virgin Atlantic Airlines about the dimensions of carry on luggage?

I will be flying the US to London in a few days on Virgin airlines. Their website says the restrictions of carry on luggage is 22″x9″x14″, and the bag I wanted to carry on with me is 22″x10“x14″, and I was wondering if they would make me check it or if I would be allowed to still carry it on?

Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

You should bo OK
but try to get your suitcase to breathe-in if they measure it!

Good luck!

Sandra asks…

How much should I charge someone to garden in my back yard?

Because they use water that all of the roommate pay for, I want to make it fair to everyone but there is no way to determine exactly how much more water the garden uses.
Should I charge them a full portion of the bill (ie if there are 3 renters and 1 gardener, charge everyone 25% of the bill each month)?
Should I charge them a flat fee? If so, how much?
The garden is 13′x10‘.

Administrator answers:

Don’t make it complicated. You could just charge them $10 per month. This can be applied to water if you’d like to make things fair for other renters. I prefer indoor gardening with plant containers and flower pots. This way you won’t use as much water and you can still grow plants like tomatoes, herbs, and more. Http://

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