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June 13, 2013

Michael asks…

How can I make a website that has unlimited diskspace?

I have about 4.9GB of videos that I want to put on the website. I have tried Webs and X10 but they have a limited upload MB. x10 has a limit of 64MB and Webs has a 10 minute limit. Can someone help me?
Or if there is no free unlimited upload, is there at least a free bigger upload?

Administrator answers:

I do hosting and custom tailor packages based on my clients need. All services are prepaid.
You can design and build a package to do whatever you want. But high storage and high bandwidth is expensive. Start small and add on as required.

5 GB is no problem.

John asks…

How Do You Refinish An Old Picture Frame?

Hi. I have an 8”x10” picture frame that is pretty old. It has cut work on it. Problem is, it is scarred in some places. I want to repair or refinish it, but know little about doing it. What should I do with this frame/? It means a lot to me in a sentimental sort of way. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Administrator answers:

If the scars are not to deep you could sand them and the frame with a fine grit sandpaper the use stain/poloyurethane color that you like applying light coats. If the scars are deep I would look for stainable woodfiller then sand and stain the frame. If you can’t sand the frame you could use a fine scotchbrite pad instead of the sand paper.

Lisa asks…

What is the best Free Music Download Program in the Android Market?

I just got my Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 and I want to start Downloading music for my Ring tones. My friend had requested the MusicShare (or something like that) program, but i was wondering if there is any better one than that one?
Also Is there any good Movie Download Program as well?
Thank you so much in advance!

Administrator answers:

Tunee Music is free. My gf downloaded it on her HTC Desire and it allows her to download music for nowt.

Robert asks…

How do i make the music note symbol on my phone keyboard?

i have a sony ericsson xperia x10 , and i wanna learn how todo the music note symbol like for status on my facebook. i can do the heart <3 and all the faces. plizz help

Administrator answers:

I think you have to have an app for that..

Betty asks…

Was Nullification and Succession justified in the Northern Point of View during the Civil War?

I’m interested in the Civil war and was wondering if Nullification and Succession justified in the Northern Point of View during the Civil War?

X10 points to best answerrr.

Administrator answers:

Yes and no. Several years before the civil war when the country was evenly split or close to it (population wise, so the House of Rep. Was more evenly split between the North and South). The Northern states were the ones who were saying that they were going to secede from the Union. Because the old money Republicans in the North thought they were not getting a fair deal from congress. But despite them saying all this they never went through with it, which was probably for the better. But when southern states started to talk about Secession, then the North turned against what against they suggested in the own state legislators and most were strongly against Secession.

I would say they saw nullification as justified. They used it against the fugitive slave laws passed as part of the Compromise of 1850. Nullification really started with a movement and the 1832 Ordinance of Nullification passed by the South Carolina Legislature as a response to the Tariff of 1828 (tariff of abomination). Now they never did nullify it or secede because of it, due to the Force bill which gave President Andrew Jackson the ability to go down to South Carolina with the federal army and enforce the tariff. It was eventually the tariff was lowered and the crisis passed. But this really demoralized any other nullification plans around the country at the time. The North would really be the next major contributor to Nullification, with the Fugitive Slave Laws. For the most part the North got away with the nullification of the Fugitive Slave Laws. You can even see Nullification today in some states.

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