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June 20, 2013

Lisa asks…

Why are there singers who are horrible live that are more famous then talented ones?

No offense, but Taylor Swift is downright horrible live. Yet, she’s a superstar.
Then I see people on Youtube such as Kina Grannis. She’s just as pretty, if not prettier and x10 more talented. And she hasn’t made it like Taylor. How do these people who hit such bad notes during live shows become so famous?

Administrator answers:

Idk….. But Its like the band Slipknot, there not as famous (anymore) as Taylor Swift, but they sound better live

Steven asks…

I have a telescope query with regard to choice of lens?

I recently bought a good quality ‘scope which came with a x10 lens and a Barlow 2x. If I want to increase magnification, should I buy a larger basic lens or a stronger Barlow lens. Any advice for a novice appreciated please.

Administrator answers:

Any scope that comes with a lens that says ’10X’ or any lens that tells you the magnification, rather than the focal length… Is not a good quality scope.

If the lens that you got is (say) 25mm and this gives you a magnification of 10X, then you can do a few things for higher magnification. Your best option is to get another lens. Get a lens where the focal length listed is approximately 1/3 the focal length of the one you currently have.
(If you have a 25mm lens, then a 9mm or 10 mm lens might be a good option)
This will not only give you higher magnification than what you might have currently (even with the Barlow), but you can also increase *that* magnification to ridiculous levels by using the Barlow in conjunction with the new lens. (You will almost certainly find that this will be a bit too much magnification for most star-gazing – - though it might be useful for terrestrial viewing)

Robert asks…

How do I build a free standing wall to display framed pictures?

I need to build a free standing wall to display 8 or more 11×14 framed pictures, without falling over. this for an upcoming show. I will only have a table supplied to me, and a space of 8′x10‘. the wall will be in back of me and the table in front of me, to display other pictures, brochures etc.Thank you

Administrator answers:

To be sure that the wall won’t fall over it will need feet which extend to the front and rear, or it should be a three panel type where the two sides are at angles to the center panel.
In my guess, the easiest way to go is to use some lattice panels with some 2×2′s on the edges to stiffen it, and cover the front with some cheap fabric -maybe a cheap bed sheet backed with some heavy dark plastic to prevent light from shining through.

Draw a scale diagram of the floor space and table.
Talk to the show organizer and get help from him. Find out what others have used.

Thomas asks…

How to calculate the kinetic energy for a fission reaction?

A typical fission reaction is n + 235U ? 134Xe + 100Sr + 2n. Calculate the difference between the kinetic energy (in eV) before the reaction and the kinetic energy after the reaction.

(The atomic masses of 235U, 134Xe and 100Sr are 235.04u, 133.90u, and 99.94u respectively, where u = 1.661 x10^-27kg)

Administrator answers:

All you have to do is calculate the mass energy of each side of the equation (using E=mc^2 for example) as total energy has to balance you know that the difference is the kinetic energy. Or at least that’s how I’d do it.

John asks…

how much does it cost to pour concrete with a brush finish per square foot I’m in northern California?

I’m want to have a new patio like 10′x10‘ poured with just brushed concrete and I’m curious of basic cost per sq.ft.

Administrator answers:

I wouldnt pay more than 10 – 12 dollars a square ft. I can get it done in pa. For 7 – 9 dollars

Sandra asks…

How do you find an equilibrium constant for a titration?

A solution of 0.2 M , hydrofluoric acid (HF), was titrated with a strong base. A pH meter
was used to monitor the changes during the titration. The Ka for HF is 7.2 x 10-4. What is the value of the equilibrium constant for the titration reaction shown here?

HF(aq) + OH-(aq) F-(aq) + H2O(l)

A) 7.2 x10^-4
B) 1.4 x10^-11
C) 1.4 x10^-14
D) 7.2 x10^10
E) 1.4 x 10^10
The answer my GSI gave me from the solutions was D.

Administrator answers:

I have never heard of an equilibrium constant for a titration. In any case, I would say A because that governs the reaction. When you add some of the strong base to the HF, the OH- will neutralize the H+ that is in solution. The un-ionized HF will restore the equilibrium by ionizing to more H+ and F- according to the equilibrium constant in A. As you add more base, this process will continue until all of the HF is consumed and your pH goes to neutral.

Mary asks…

Would you replace an ipod touch with a sony ericsson x10 mini?

the only way i can afford an x10 is if i sell my ipod, should i do it? is the x10 worth it? how good is the x10 (NOT the pro)? :)

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t but its ur call

David asks…

What Size Lumber Should I use?

I would like to lift my existing minibarn (12′ long x10‘ wide) and put it on blocks.

It has 4×4 supports running front to back (24″ on center), and they are sitting in the dirt. I want to get them up out of the dirt and put on new joists/beams going side to side, that would rest on cement blocks sitting on small cement pads. I want to use just three main supports on each side (Front, Middle @ 6′, and Back @12′ – so that they intersect the existing 4×4 floor joists). Can I get away with 6×6 supports or do I need 8×8′s for a 6′ span @ 10′ long?

Administrator answers:

Being that it’s a small barn…..You could get away with the 6X6 on a 6′ span. Although with the 4X4′s at 24″ o/c…..It certainly wouldn’t hurt to use the 8X8. I have an 12′ X 12′ storage building on laminated 2X8′s. You might consider the same…..purchase 2X8′s and glue and screw two of them together. It will cost less and be stronger.

Mark asks…

how to connect my sony ericsson xperia mini pro to the internet without wifi?

I got my sony ericcson xperia mini pro x10 for christmas but I cant access the internet without using Wi-Fi which is fine when I’m at home but when I go out I like to use my phones internet (I have unlimited internet on my contract) and I cant seem to get it! What do I do?

Administrator answers:

We recommend you to first make sure with your service provider that GPRS services are available for your subscription. For some Operators in some markets, the preloaded settings are missing. In this case you need to download these settings manually. The internet service is a network depending feature, which means that even though we manufacture a brand of phones they are responsible of setting the service up for you.

If you prefer to set it up manually you will need the configuration settings (APN, User ID, Password, IP address, etc) specific for your service provider.

1. Press Menu> Settings> Wireless and networks> Mobile networks.

2. Check Data enabled.

3. Press Access point names.

4. Press Menu> New APN.

5. Introduce the relevant information that you previously received from your Operator.


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