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June 21, 2013

Robert asks…

Can I archive sms from the inbox of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini/pro using Sony Ericsson PC suite?

Usually, I archive the sms in my inbox every week using ‘Nokia PC Suite’… Now, I have planned to buy a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro … I want to know, whether we can archive sms in Sony Ericsson too..??? Please help…

Administrator answers:

Ya it only works on tuesdays between the hours of 4:36 pm and 3:30 am

Mandy asks…

Do I need a light in my guppy birthing tank?

The tank is a 6 gallon tank and is 18″x10x10” (45cmx25cmx25cm). There is usually tonnes of natural light in the room anyway. I just want to reduce costs. The female(s) should be in the tank for too long and I’m already planning on getting a small filter (hang-on the back) and a 25w heater. Am I doing everything right, even if I don’t get the light??

Administrator answers:

In general normal room light is always enough for fish, light is a need for live plants and for people to see the fish.
Breeding (Birthing) tank in normal room light does not require additional lights, the mother fish will feel more secured in low light, low light will give the fry more chances to escape the mother or other fish in the tank..

Joseph asks…

What are the chances of a recurrence of gull bladder pain?

I was taken to the hospital Friday night with extreme x10 pain. It turns out that it is my gullbladder. I was able to go home; however, they are taking their time doing a lot of tests to ensure that the only problem is my gullbladder. While I understand and appreciate their thouroughness, I am deathly afraid of another attack. Does anyone have any experience with this? I am really anxious. I appreciate any help.
I apologize for placing this question in the wrong room.

Administrator answers:

Funny thing
i had hte same thing happen three years ago and the doctor said my gallbladder would have to come out within a year
well guess what? Girlie still her gallbladder WITHOUT any pain whatsoever

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