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July 1, 2013

Nancy asks…

how do you plug in the multiplication symboll in masteringchemistry?

how do you plug in for example 10.2 x 10e-23 for some reason i dont see the multiplicatoin symbol and everytime i plug it in says the answer does not depend of the variable x10. and i cant space inbetween. ty.

Administrator answers:

Use parentheses instead! When typing 10e-23, you type 10^(-23).

I hope this helps!

Donna asks…

Can i play games all Android games on all Android phones? Is there any resolution problem?

I want to know that the Can i play all the games of ANDROID MARKET on all phones of Android OS?
Is there any problem of Screen Resolution?
For e-g ,
Can i play the all games of Android on Xperia x10 mini? As it has very low Resolution!

Administrator answers:

Some of the newest games released require faster processors and dedicated graphics chips to play well on a phone. You will find out quickly if your phone is not capable of handling the games. As far as the resolution issue, most good developers embed into their program what screen resolutions the application or game will run on, and what it won’t work for. The Android Market is smart and will not show you applications that are not compatible with your phone. That is, if the maker of the game put this information in. If you are unsure, before purchasing a game, email the developer to see if they recommend it for use on your phone.

Charles asks…

How do I establish initial depth in one-point perspective?

How do I establish depth using perspective?
Let’s say I’m drawing a cube in one point perspective. The dimensions of this cube will be 10″x10x10
I have drawn out the horizontal and vertical lines for the front part of the cube (which are equal) and have also drawn the horizon line with the vanishing point. I have connected the edges of the cube to the vanishing point. Now, how do I figure out where to make the posterior (back) portion of the cube? It must be exactly 10″ behind the front portion of the cube in accordance to the dimensions I have already created

I hope i’m being clear
I have already posted this question in another area of Y!A but on second thought figured an artist would be more likely to know
Joey: If you don’t understand perspective, don’t leave an answer
There’s always a back side, even if it’s not always visible
But i’m not even talking about making the back visible – I’m talking about how long the lines which connect the front and the back have to be.
Mike: I’m well aware that the side of the square will not actually be drawn 10″ long
But to make it look like a perfect square it needs to imply that it is 10″. Is there really no mathematical equation for figuring out the length of the side??
Mike: I kind of understand further what you’re saying now. Very narrow to half the true length. It just seems like that’s the only guessing I have to do while drawing in perspective, which causes distortion. Isn’t the whole point of perspective to eliminate this distortion?

Administrator answers:

In any perspective, you can’t put a scale to the lines leading to the vanishing point – it just has to look right – in this case you are drawing a cube and so the back vertical edge has to be parallel with the front vertical edge, but depending on where your front face is located and where the vanishing point is, the width of the side could be anything from very narrow if the point is near the face to about half the “true” width. If you think about it, the only way the side (depth) would be 10″ would be if the side were face on to the viewer but the front is face on to the viewer.

Laura asks…

What is the molar concentration of Sodium Isopropyl Xanthate in the following standards?

The Specific Gravity is 1.07
The percent in each standard is as follows:
std 1: 9.2 x10 ^ -8
std 2: 9.2 x10 ^ -7
std 3: 4.6 x10 ^ -6
std 4: 4.6 x10 ^-5

I can’t find the molar mass or density of SIPX, can somebody please help me with this?

Administrator answers:

The source below says the molecular weight of C4H7NaOS2 is 158.217549 g/mol.

You’re given the density: 1.07 g/ml.

Mark asks…

How much per sq ft does it cost to drywall a room?

10 x10 x8 finished and ready to be painted?

Administrator answers:

Ask a contractor but my best guess is about $2.00 to $2.50 a square foot start to finish.

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