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July 9, 2013

Mary asks…

What is the magnitude of the momentum of an electron of mass 9.1 x10^-31kg?

…traveling with a speed of 4.25 x10^6 m/s?
I have no idea how to do this problem please show formulas.

Administrator answers:

Momentum = mass x velocity = 9.11×10^-31kg x 4.25×10^6m/s = 3.87×10^-24kgm/s

David asks…

What camera do you reccomend to get for filming and taking photo’s? I?

I want the camera to be fairy good quality and an optical zoom of at least x10 but for under $200 AU. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

I have a Kodak Z712 IS and it works good for me..


Mandy asks…

What does construction company prefer, Hardwood or Softwood?

Good Day, I am a manufacturer of interior HDF molded doors in the Philippines,

We were using hardwood mahogany for our doors,

Most of our buyers/ dealers , have no complain towards Mahogany material.

But I am thinking of changing our material from hardwood to softwood (Hemfir) for price reason.

Softwood is very nice to look at, and also have nice wood texture, very clean also.

I want to use this wood for my door products to add more beautiful aesthetic to my products.

I want to know is why do most construction people prefer hardwood to softwood ?

Will having softwood as core material for my door, affect my product?
(NOT CONSIDERING DEALERS OPINION, bec. they think hardwood is better than softwood x10.)

Also, I plan to use softwood for my door jamb as well.
for addtional info: Yes.. hemfir is close to hemlock.

Administrator answers:

Most interior doors in the USA are paint-grade and made from the cheapest material possible. BTW, I have always considered mahogany a softwood. Is hemfir close to hemlock? If both paint, you shouldn’t have any problems changing over. Especially if you can save your customer money. Think about maybe priming them before they leave your shop. It’s a win win – less work for your customers, and you get to cover minor blemishes and grain color variances.

Joseph asks…

Why do liberals want to crush summer fun for children?

I live in a small city. We have two public pools. The large one, not far from my house has been closed 3 years running. The smaller one, on the other side of town is to far to walk for kids in my neighborhood. Maybe an older kid could ride their bike, but no way I’d let my 10 year old…

Besides, he’d be the only white kid at the pool. I have driven by on hot summer days last year to see how it was. It was packed like sardines. It is in the hood. My neighborhood pool was never so packed when it was open and was at least 1/2 white
We bought a pool 3 years ago when the city pool closed. One of these inflate the ring and fill jobs. 10′x30″ about 1,000 gallons. Now we want to upgrade.
The libs are cracking down by calling for permits for any pool over 2,000 gallons. Can’t be over 36″ deep, can’t be more than 12′ on the longest dimension. No much more than what I have.
These pools are super popular. My older brother has one, 18′x10‘x42″ oval. Too long. Too deep. 2900 gallons. My parents have one, 15′x42″. Being 3,300 gallons, that is way over the limit. My boy has swam in both. We were planning to get one or the other. Maybe splurge an extra $200 and get the 12′x20′x48″ (4,400 gallons) or 18′x48″ (5,400 gallons). Now I can’t.
My wife says get a 12′x36″ (1,800 gallons) not make a fuss. It will be bigger. To me, not enough. Is this worth fighting? They say they will not issue a permit for this style pool. It has to have a metal frame. I don’t have the money plus to hire an electrician to wire the pump.
Seems they don’t like the larger pools, so they banned them. I think it is absurd. I’d have to have a “permanent” pool to have zoning inspect it and approve it. Some nimrod pushed through a regulation that says no more than 2,000 gallons, 36″ deep and 12′ longest dimension for a “temporary” pool like mine. What really burns me up is the public pool down for its 4th season now, though they “might” have it fixed and staffed starting July 4th.

Administrator answers:

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s not that big of a deal.
You can always get out the sprinkler or you can take a trip or move somewhere near the water.
It’s not big deal. You’ll figure it out. Just relax.

Richard asks…

What is the consensus regarding SEO with Bing and Yahoo today?

I have a website that caters towards a niche called cyberpunk, it’s at

I optimized the wordpress site for google, but I’m not sure how much time I should invest in optimizing it for yahoo and bing. Any advice would be wonderful.

Administrator answers:

For the past couple of years Google has held steady just below 70% of all searches. The lion share of the rest of that is Bing. Sadly, even though this is Yahoo we are on when it comes to searches they are very much currently out of the running.
With that said, Bing seems to be concentrating heavily on Facebook integration, while Google seems to be in the “dominate the world” phase that every large tech companies goes through. So this probably means that in 2013 you will see a small increase in Bing search and slight decrease in Google searchers.
For the most part what this means for you business, is that since Bing is going heavily into Facebook integration and since Google still is dominating search engine traffic still, your time for right now would be better served having a good integration of your blog with social media. Especially concentrate on having your site be mobile compatible given the extreme number of mobile device searches.

Hope that helps!

John asks…

Where can I go to resize my pictures by megapixels?

Where can I go to resize my digital photos by mega pixels the site I use requires 600 or less. Some of my pics are to big and the photo editor I have only has the crop option and they have sizes like 5×7 or 8 x10 and I don t know what that means. I need something where I can just set it to 600 or whatever. Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

Check your photo editor software again.

Most of them offer an option that says something like “Resize for the Web (or Email)”. Look for something that sounds similar.

“Web/Email” means pixel dimensions that are small enough for fast loading or transmission. That should be small enough for the posting website.

If you cannot find that, see if there is a drop-down menu on the resizing screen. Sometimes you can choose Pixels instead of Inches. If so, resize to something less than 600 pixels.

If you cannot find anything like the above, you may need different photo editing software.

Good Luck

Helen asks…

How should i decorate my door jungle themed to win a contest?

I am going to cheer camp in a week and need some amazing ideas on how to decorate a room door jungle themed!!! it needs to be over the top so all of you creative poeple please answer this quick!!! Thanks x10 :)

Administrator answers:

U can add trees and vins along with some animals that live in the jungle like snakes and monkeys and color it real good and add alot of details and ur sure to win!!!

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