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July 13, 2013

Steven asks…

How much did you pay for your tattoo?

I have 3 picked and i know where they are going. Yes i am going to ask the artist i am just asking to see what other people paid. What is your tattoo of? Where did you get it? And how much did you pay? The # 1 I’m getting is a cross on my right arm. About 6″x10“.

Administrator answers:

I have two. The skeleton girl on my arm cost $120 and 3 numbers on my chest in small lettering cost $60

Sandra asks…

What is the concentration of OH ions in the solution?

In a given solution of Ca(OH)2, the Ksp was found to be 7.3 x10^-17. If the Ca was .3 M – what is the concentration of the OH ions in the solution?

Administrator answers:

Ca(OH)2 Ca+2 and 2 OH^-

Ksp = [Ca][OH^-]^2 = 7.3 X 10^-17. If x is dissolved Ca, then dissolved OH is 2x, and
7.3 X 10^-17 = x (2x)^2 so that 4x^3 = 7.3 X 10 ^-17
x^3 = 1.835 X 10^-17
and x = 2.5367 X10^-6

Now if [Ca] is 0.3, it must have been introduced by a souble Ca salt – something like CaCl2 for example

In that case 7.3 X 10^-17 = (0.3 +x)(2x)^-2

x for Ca will be small compared to 0.3 and can be ignored,
x for OH will be as shown, and we can write:

0.3 X 4x^2 = 7.3 X 10^-17
4x^2 will be 7.3 X 10^-17/0.3 = 2.433 X10^-16
x^2 will be 6.08333 ^ 10^-17
and x = [OH] will be the square root:7.7995 X 10^-9 Molar

Hope that helps,


Paul asks…

How do I get rid of acne residual color?

Okay, so A few months back my skin broke out really bad. I went to the derm. and she gave me Aczone, Differin, glycolic acid cleanser, and Aveeno daily moisturizer. They’ve cleared me up very nicely, but the old scarring is still there. I find it frustrating because the scars pretty much look like flat pimples.

My derm. said we’d probably do peel on my skin. I have really pale skin in general, so all these scars are x10 noticeable.

Administrator answers:

I think to get rid of discoloration you should try these two things:

- Saline solution
- Witch Hazel

Not foolproof, but effective.

Mary asks…

What is a good camera to get?

Between the Cassio ES-X10 and the Cannon Powershot, I’m trying to figure out what type of camera to get. I know someone who has the Cannon Powershot and it works well, but the Cassio got better reviews. I want one that takes good pictures, but I also want it to take the pictures quickly.

Please tell me which you would suggest!

Administrator answers:

You can follow the reviews, but in general as long as you buy a name brand camera, with at least a 3x zoom, uses SD or SDHC memory card and has IS, you should be fine.

Look for cameras listed on and then look at the reviews for the cameras you like.

My photo rep has a Casio and loves it. He makes YouTube videos with it too.

Laura asks…

How can i deny/block the internet access that apps have?

I bought an xperia x10 mini before some days and when i install (android) applications they have access to the internet.Anyone who knows what should i do? Can you suggest me a program for my android that denies internet access? I tried to find something that blocks the access but nothing… :

Administrator answers:

Find a good firewall. Here are some links to reviews of Android firewalls:

There may be more out there too.

Nancy asks…

Calculate the concentration of acetic acid not ionized in the solution obtained?

By dissolving 5,00 x10 ^ -2 mol of acetic acid (CH3COOH) in water, to a total volume of solution equal to 0.500 dm ^ 3, gives a solution whose pH is equal to 2.88 at 25 ° C.
Calculate the concentration of acetic acid not ionized in the solution obtained.

Administrator answers:

Initial Concentration of acid c1
c1=5*10^-2/0,5 =0,01 moldm-3
Now, we can calculate conc of dissolved ions
c=0,0013 moldm-3
That’s conc of H3O+ ions. Therefor, conc of acid that haven’t ionized is
c1-c=0,0987 moldm-3

Chris asks…

How to calculate viscosity of water at room temperature given mass and specific gravity?

I don’t know how to solve this problem statement because I’m new to this subject. It is given mass of water, 10 kg, the absolute viscosity 0.89 (N.s/m2)x10^-3, 1.9(Ibf.s/ft2)x10^5 and a surface tension of 71.97(N/m)x10^3
How to calculate the viscosity of water by using these data?
How to find the fluid compressibility?

Please help me. I’m blank with this question.

Thank you in advance!

Administrator answers:

Use the Arrhenius like equation of viscosity to calculate.

Viscosity(eta) = A exp(-Ea/RT)

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