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July 17, 2013

John asks…

How do i make my Sims 3 faster on a crappy computer?

Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit Service Pack 2.
Intel Pentium IV 3 Ghz.
1024 MB RAM.
ATI Radeon X1050 Series.
Direct X10 March 2009 Update.
Minimum processes on.

It’s really slow, and i don’t have high graphics settings either. What can i do to make i faster?
Help is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Ok… You can probably try.
- Reducing ALL the graphic settings
- Minimising the amount of sims in your neighbourhood as possible (only play one custom family)
- You should avoid having more than three types of terrain on your lot
- Probably try and keep the number of plants on your lot to under 20

Give that a go…
… You can play The Sims 3 on a crappy computer, but it just isn’t fun – at all.

Lizzie asks…

Animals for a rain forest climate?

I have an 8′x10‘ greenhouse that I did in a rain forest theme. I have bromeliads, ferns, ficuses, selloum, vines, and fruit trees. I would like to put some type of animals in it to turn it into a real rain forest. Please inform me on different animals, but nothing scary!
I have an air conditioner in it and keep it around 75-80 degres.

Administrator answers:

Butterflies work well in greenhouses, but it’s near impossible to source larvae if they are not native to your area. Animals would really depend on what temp you’re able to get in your greenhouse and what animals are available to you. Obviously you need to take into consideration the dietary and climate needs of the animal. The only things that I can think of that I think would work are either the insect, reptile or amphibian varieties, so not sure if you are into frogs, snakes or lizards. I personally think snakes would look cool, but most people seems to be scared of them. There are lots of exotic rainforest species, but they can also be hard to get. The most noticable rainforest species are birds, but you wouldn’t want a bird in a greenhouse.

Guess your decision will depend mostly on what you can get, so head to your local pet / reptile etc suppliers and ask for advice.

Michael asks…

how to find out what carrier a cellphone is for?

I recently purchased an Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 online. It stated I had to unlock it which I know how to do. Only problem is that to unlock it, you need to know what original carrier used the phone (that the phone is locked to) I am unable to find any company branding on this phone and AT&T ad T-Mobile SIM cards do not know. Is there a way to find out what company this came from? There was no SIM card in the phone originally.

Administrator answers:

When you start up the phone it should say. Also on the box it might say, or maybe in the manual. Sometimes it says somewhere on the back of the phone, or even on the battery! Hope that helps!

Sharon asks…

How can I get my Android to sync all my contacts with my Gmail account?

It does most of my contacts but there’s a good few of them that aren’t synced.
Any idea how I can get them to sync?

It’s a Sony Ericsson X10 running Android 2.1, if that helps at all…

Thanks guys :)

Administrator answers:

Go to settings> Accounts & sync / manage accounts /Google and sync, or sync all. Also if your running 2.1 it is time to upgrade to 2.3

(Menu> Settings> About phone> System software updates> check now.) Good luck

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