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Your Questions About X100

December 29, 2012

Mark asks…

How do you change centimeters to meters?

Do you: x100, divide 100, or x10?

Administrator answers:

The answers above are absolutely correct. But I believe what you are getting at as well is, how does this work when comes time to solve equations?

Most suggest that you do not get in the habit of memorizing pre-set number values and that you are best to derive the answers when it comes to solving an equation. Memory can fool you and let you down! For example, we know that 2.54 centimeters equals 1 inch.

But what happens if you have random integers, which you do not know the equivalences to?

Well, in this instance, you are best to derive them, such example wherein you are given the values and can can then assign these to the units.

What you are really doing is trying to align the steps first: inches are closest to centimeters. Yards are closest to meters.

Then what you are doing is using in-between steps to arrive at the values.

You will want to plug in the number values in terms of the units which in your question are to be transposed into the value for centimeters and these in turn for meters:

_ft/in [1ft = 12 inches]… Multiplied by # in/cm…multiplied by # cm/m by # m/1 = #meters.

Hmm… That’s confusing. It is this. First match your transpositions: inches to centimeters; centimeters to meters, for example. Then, after each step, use the values given in the next expression that match with the inches to the centimeters, then to meters and so on…

Notice that the numerator in the last quotient, [m/1] (meters divided by 1)] indicates that you now have the solution in meters, just as you sought. The numerator in the last expression should be the same unit of measure you are seeking the answer for.

You are essentially performing two steps in one: first you are corresponding the units of measure, then you are using these measures matched to the values given.

This method can be lengthy and cumbersome, but it ‘is’ more exacting. ‘Because you are not guessing when using this method. It leads you automatically to your answer. After some practice you do get used to it.

As you go up and down, you are multiplying each succeeding numerator across then dividing each succeeding denominator across till you resolve to your answer.

Hope this doesn’t confuse it…

You are correct in that the metric systems moves by increments of 10′s and 10ths, 100′s and 100ths, and thousands and thousandths and so on increasing or decreasing: these are your units of measurement — but not the actual values, which show just how much of the measurement is there.

What you are doing is transposing English units into Metric units first [ or Metric to English] so that the units align to one another — it is a twofold process.

Charles asks…

What is percent of increase for this?

Original amount: 6,000
New amount: 300,000
Change: 294,000

so its 294,000/6,000 x100

i think,
What do i do next?

Administrator answers:

%= amount of change/original amount
%= 294,000/6,00
490 % increase

Lisa asks…

How to flatten backyard?

My backyard is a rather steep hill about 30Ft wide x100 ft. I’m looking for the cheapest way to smooth out all the bumps and holes so it is smooth for walking and mowing. What’s the best way to do this?

Administrator answers:

Yes the small backhoe will work, but then you can rent one of those drums that you put water in and roll it over the soil.


We rented one to smooth out the soil in our yard. We wet down the soil well one day and rolled the next.

Laura asks…

how do I work out this equation?

Sorry I asked this earlier but realized that I typed in the wrong one

79.95/139.95 x100%
Without a calculator
Could someone provide steps as to how to do it by hand? My teacher doesn’t allow calculators during tests :

Administrator answers:

Dude it’s quite simple, just type it in a calculator or just call it ‘x’ and move on.

David asks…

what do you have to do to advance to the next trainings in brain age 1?

i already have calculations x20, calculations x100, reading aloud, low to high, syllable count, and head count. what else do i have to do? how many more stamps until i get the training after head count?
there are 3 more trainings with ???

Administrator answers:

I think there is no more i have been trying to get some new ones too but no luck.

Robert asks…

Would you have sex with a girl whilst she was on her period?

The best sex I ever had was whilst I was on, it was like X100 more intense and my orgasm seemed to last longer.. I just donut understand why it’s so taboo! Blood is no different from the sexual fluid he usually feels down there! It is clean and all you do is put a towel down. Anyway, it’s a personal decision, I understand that, I just think it’s stupid how taboo it is…

Administrator answers:

Yes!!! Many times….. Feels much better, especially when a guy doesnt mind. Like you said its natural. Not only that its helps relieve period pain, headaches and makes you feel happier ;) oh yh

Lizzie asks…

Will a switch to a stiffer shaft help prevent a hook??

I have the s300′s on my clubs now. I also have a high swing speed (92mph average) with a six iron. Would a switch to the x100‘s help prevent my unwanted snap hook

Administrator answers:

I really don’t think so at all. Your swing would have to be very fast beyond tiger fast to see real noticeable shot patterns. A regular shaft will whip more when you swing fast as far as hooking no. The face angle creates shot path You can swing 120 mph with a regular shafted club ands still hit it straight.
The only thing you will notice is trajectory differences. Either to high ballooning or some over draw. A snap hook is caused by you and only you unless your playing with grandma shafts.
Experiment with some stiffer shafts you will find that you will have to always swing hard for the shaft to do what it is designed to do. You may also find it more difficult to hit 3/4 shots with to stiff of shafts good luck.

Thomas asks…

I’ve been promoting my bottom off, yet i don’t have the traffic I’m looking for…What should I do?

I’m trying to promote a blog, and make a few bucks (x100 or 1000)…i’ve pinged and signed up for affiliate programs, adwords, banner-swaps…yet i can only get max 17 hits per day….and I have no turnover from my ads, or affiliate links…What am i doing wrong?

Administrator answers:

You can get traffic by trying a free traffic exchange service like TrafficSwarm at…
Or WebCentreSurf at
You can try article marketing at an article submission service like and link back to your website in the resource box for your articles.
You can also comment on popular blogs like John Chow’s or Joel Comm’s that allow linkbacks to your URL. Do a Yahoo Search.
Create a video and upload it to YouTube with your URL flashed on the screen. All of these are free.

Sandy asks…

Energy difference between the x1200 spin cycle and x400?

On my washing machine, you can choose what I think is spin cycle speeds. The lowest is 4 (x100) and the highest is 12 (x100). Could someone please tell me the difference in terms of energy usage and associated cost, roughly, per use? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Probably not worth worrying over. The higher speed will likely use slightly more energy. However the higher speed will also result in dryer clothes since the higher speed will get more water out, which in turn means that the dryer will have less work to do. It’s really 6 of one, half-dozen of the other.

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