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February 11, 2013

Donald asks…

Someone help me understand this rap business?

I mean, I love rap but I can’t figure out why people like “lil wayne” and especially that god damn “Souljaboy” are famous when theirs underground rappers x100 as better like this guy for example. But yet lil wayne was making money sense he was 14, how come all these crappy rappers get famous while its the true better rappers that still don’t get a chance to get heard?

Administrator answers:

I’m afraid the answer is quite sad. The average person likes what they like because they are told to like it, because they are weak willed and don’t question anything. Like a herd of buffalo being herded off a cliff, they don’t stop to look at the big picture or think for themselves, so they just do what everyone else is doing, the herd mentality makes them feel safe, and gives them a sense of belonging even if they are being driven to their death. Sure people have different genres they like, but look at the top artists in those genres. Though there are definitely exceptions (the Beatles for instance), the top artists are usually something created by a marketing department based on statistics to get the most money possible.

A simple analogy is pimple commercials. They always have a tag line similar to “gets rid of those embarrassing red bumps”, or “I want to go to the dance, but what about this embarrassing zit”. Notice they don’t ever mention that the product is good for you, it’s only purpose is to scare you into thinking it is embarrassment to have a zit, and make you feel ashamed. The last thing you want is to be shunned by society, so you buy the cream even though it has no real use (again, there are exceptions to this). Bands are created in the same way.

If we took the profit out of the music business, there would be nothing but underground artists, creating art for the sake of expression. I love the band Operation Ivy, but I doubt they made any real money form their band. However, a band like Hannah Montana which is devoid of art and created by the music industry, can make them millions of dollars. More art = less money, so they try to convince the general public, that they should be embarrassed by real bands trying to express themselves, and think that Jay-z, Fall Out Boy, and Jack Johnson are good bands. They are at the top of the charts, so everyone else must like them.

Sorry if that was a bit of a rant.

Steven asks…

How much will I lose roughly?

Okay so if I did this workout twice a day for a week and 4 days: Tredmill 30 mins
X40 crunches X40 sit ups X20 tricep dips X2 30 secs of plank X20 tricep dips X100 squats

Then I ate healthy for two of my 3 meals and drank between 2-4 500ml bottles of water a day. How much roughly will I lose?

Administrator answers:

Yeah, so you’ve lived your entire life without discipline and we’re supposed to believe you’re suddenly going to crack it?

If you’re going from no exercise to… Let’s say, an “ambitious” schedule… You will fail. Start small. Losing weight isn’t about ignoring 11 months of the year and hoping to turn it all around in December. Weight loss is about eating right every day and exercising every week.

If quick fixes worked, people wouldn’t still be fat. If it didn’t require effort, people wouldn’t still be fat.

Focus on the treadmill. Trying to do squats as well will just knacker your legs. Doing crunches and situps is ridiculous (just do crunches). Tricep dips are OK but why not just do pushups?

Helen asks…

you can find the percentile that corresponds to a specific data value x by using the following formula?

percentile of x= (number of data values less than x/total numbers of data values)x100

There have been 75 winners for an acting award six winners are older than jane when they won the award find the percentile that corresponds with janes age

Administrator answers:


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