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February 21, 2013

George asks…

what is the change in profit over two years?

This year 1.3m
last year – 0.5m
I know this is 1.8m
I’m not sure how to work out the percentage! Do you do 1.8 / 0.5 = 3.6 x100 = 360%. 1.8 – 0.5 = 1.3m ?

Administrator answers:

The profit increased by (1.3 – -0.5)m which is 1.3m + 0.5m = 1.8 m (this is the change in profit)

% change in profit = (Change in profit / Initial profit) x 100

=>( 1.8m / -0.5m) x 100

=>360 %

Profit , therefore , increased by 360 %. Yes , you got it right!

Charles asks…

what is my class rank in percent?

I am in high school and the last time I checked there were 767 sophomores and I was number 144, I am now a junior and I believe my rank has increased, but I haven’t check yet. I would like to know how to get my rank into percent, and if that is an acceptable percent. I calculated (144/767)x100 and it came out to be 19 have I done this correctly, thanks.
another thing I’m thinking is would I be magna cum laude if I graduated with this rank or less?

Administrator answers:

You are in the top 18.77% of your class, or if you’re rounding to the nearest whole number, the top 19% of your class. Good job! (And yes, you definitely calculated that correctly)

As an interesting note, when rankings are usually given, they don’t use percent, but use something known as percentile. Percentile gives the percent of people below a certain mark, and can be gotten by taking the percent you calculated and subtracting it from 100%, meaning you’re in the 81st percentile (81% of your classmates are ranked below you). You can also get percentile by saying that if you’re ranked 144th out of 767, that means 767 – 144 is the number of students below you, so you just do: (767 – 144) / 767 * 100 = 81st percentile. Keep this thing about percentiles in mind, because SAT scores (and other standardized tests) allow you to figure out at what percentile you scored (some tell you directly, others you have to look up the information on their website).

In your case, either percent or percentile will give you an idea how your class rank has changed relative to your peers. If you use percent, the percent shrinking indicates your rank has improved relative to everyone else. If you use percentile, the percentile increasing indicates your rank has improved relative to everyone else.

Hope this helps!

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