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February 26, 2013

Richard asks…

How do you work out a percentage from a pie chart?

GCSE maths help please.

The question asks: “Work out the percentage of pupils who entered the egg and spoon race”

If a circle is 360°, and 18 pupils entered the egg and spoon race (108°), then how do I work this out as a percentage?


Administrator answers:

108/360 x100 = 30%

Linda asks…

What is the best car stereo that works with the iphone?

I am going to put a new stereo in my 2005 f150, mostly because I want to be able to listen to my iphone while I drive. I would also like to use the bluetooth in the phone so that I can take calls.
I would really appreciate some advice on this one, I am not sure which of the stereos I have looked at would work with my phone.

Administrator answers:

The IDA-x100 from Alpine is an ideal deck that is strictly made for the use of the ipod or in your case the iphone, not cds. It doesn’t play cds. Check out the specs and features of this unit. Also check out this video of the deck on youtube.

I have the cda-9887 from alpine and I absolutely adore it. It has so many features and the sound quality is out of this world. When i get into other peoples’ cars I begin to miss the sound in my car. You can really tell the difference. You’ll get the same and better with the
ida-x100. The biggest thing for me is that it displays your iphone album art and everything, and it handles just like an ipod.



Carol asks…

How do I calculate percent difference for this specific problem?

The problem is as follows:
The accepted value for some quantity is 12.84m. The experimental values obtained for the same quantity were: 12.88m, 12.85m, 12.86m, and 12.83m. Calculate the percent difference.

I know that usually it’s (actual value-expected value) / expected value x 100, but I don’t know how to solve for it when there are 4 actual values given, does anyone know how to do this?

Administrator answers:

12.88 – 12.84 = 0.04

0.04 / 12.84 X100 = +0.31 %

12.85 – 12.84 = 0.01

0.01 / 12.84 X 100 = + 0.08 %

12.86 – 12.84 = 0.02

0.02 / 12.84 X 100 = +0.155%

12.83 – 12.84 = 0.01

0.01 /12.84 X 100 = – 0.08%

David asks…

What’s the best digital camera to use during concerts?

I’m planning to buy a new digicam for an upcoming concert. I need the best one when it comes to low light conditions and the best one when it comes to recording videos (sound and lighting). I can’t bring a dSLR or camcorder…so I need the best digital camera out there. Thanks so much.

Administrator answers:

Well the best one out there is the Fujifilm X100 which is $1200, followed by the Leica X1 which is $2000

Look at the Nikon p7000 and Canon s95. They feature larger sensors and some pretty decent features.

Jenny asks…

What is the percent composition of all the elements in vitamin B12?

What is the percent composition of all the elements in vitamin B12 (C63H88CoN14O14P)?
Report answer to the proper number of significant figures.

Chemistry teacher didn’t explain this very well and I don’t really get it. Help would be appreciated thank you!

Administrator answers:

Molar mass of cyanocobalamin B12 is 1355
So % compositions
C = 756/1355 x100 = 55.8%
H = 88/1355 x100 = 6.5 %
Co = 59/1355 x100 = 4.4 %
N = 14.5 %
O = 16.53 %
P = 2.3 %

The Molar mass is taken from wiki

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