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March 7, 2013

Paul asks…

How would you calculate the number of grams and mols of anhydrous salt per 100g hydrate?

Formula mass of anhydrous salt = 208.22g/mol

and the Formula of the hydrate please

Thanks for the help, I really don’t know where to start with this. Chem is so confusing.

Administrator answers:

A hydrate means that the compound has water molecules attached. Sometimes it has one molecule of water (monohydrate), sometimes two (dihydrate), or even something like 7 molecules of water are attached (heptahydrate). So, without knowing how many water molecules are attaced, we can’t answer your question exactly. But if there is one molecule attached, then you have to add the molar mass of water (18) to that of the anhydrous salt (208.22) and you end up with 226.22 gm/mole for the monohydrate. From this you can see that 208.22/226.22 x100 = 92 percent of this hydrated form is actually the anhydrous salt. So, if you had 100 grms of the hydrate, you really have only 92 percent of the salt, or 92 grams. So, the answer to the first part is 92 grams (assuming you have the monohydrate). The answer to the second part, how many moles of anhydrous salt do you have, is calculated by taking the 92 gms/208.22 = 0.44 moles. We can’t answer the question about the formula of the hydrate except to assume it is the monohydrate, and then the formula would be CA.H2O where C is a cation, A is an anion, and the. Is actually a dot.

Mandy asks…

Does an electric cordless lawn mower work as well as a gas powered one?

I am needing a new lawn mower and with the price of gas, I was wondering if the electric ones are any good. I can’t imagine having a cord attached, so I would want a rechargable one.

Administrator answers:

In the right circumstances a cordless will work fine. No, they’re not as powerful as gas, and if you have a really large area to cut, one charge won’t do it. You can buy extra batteries though they’re not cheap. I have a 24v cordless and am very happy with it. It’s light and easy to push. It’s quiet enough that I can cut the lawn without making the neighbours close their windows. I cut about 100′ x100′ on one charge unless the grass is wet or too long. It cuts over small branches in the lawn with no trouble. I’d be using a lot of extension cord to reach all the areas with a corded one, and I hate the noise of gas ones, futzing around with fuel, and yanking on the cord.

George asks…

should I buy the Fujifilm X100 or wait until the Fujifilm X100s to come out and bought that instead?

Right now I am just wondering which one should I buy the x100 or x100s
I really love and wanted to own this kind of camera in my hands

I love the retro design, the APS-C sensor size, the hybrid viewfinder
and it is very light weighted, unlike my Canon 7D
it is as heavy as hell

I wanted this kind of camera because I lke to walk around, and it would be ridiculous if i carry my heavy 7D

I heard that the X100 got some problems with the focusing and the start up time
and i think it might make me rather uncomfortable using the X100

but the X100s will have the most amazing startup time and focusing

my only problem is the cost of the camera
I have the kind of money to buy the X100

but I am not sure about the X100S , it might cost a lot more than the X100 and my money isnt enough

so should i just buy the X100 or wait until the X100s came out and I save some more money for it ?
hhhhhhmmmmmm, or maybe I should bought the X-E1 ?

Administrator answers:

It depends what type of photography you want the camera for.
In my experience with X100, as good as it is, the focusing speed and wake up time are major issues for any action photography such Street Photography or Sports. The X100 is excellent for any static work such as portraits and landscape.
The X100S addresses the X100 issues and provides further improvements. This should mean it is suitable for action as well as static subjects. Barring any widespread teething troubles when it is launched, the new Fuji is likely to appeal to a much wider audience.
Regarding cost, although the X100 is likely to be cheaper still when the X100S is generally available, the X100S may hold it’s value better in the long run.

Ruth asks…

What is a digital camera that takes good analog looking pictures?

I’m looking for a digital camera, other than a Leica (like most people I don’t have $7000 bucks at my disposal) that takes nice film quality photos. I’m turned off and slightly tired of the sterile world of DSLR’s and I want a camera that has that rich analog look. I take fine art photography, so I’m not worried about being able to change out lenses and all that. Like I said, essentially a Leica M9 would be ideal, but I can’t afford it.

I’ve been looking into the newer Fujifilm X100 and Olympus OMD-EM5. Are they my best bet?

I appreciate all suggestions and guidance!

Administrator answers:

The only way to make a digital image file look like the image was shot on film, is to use programs from onOne, NIK or Topaz Labs that allows you to add film profiles to your digital images. There are lists of various film types you can add later.

Just so you know, using the term “analogue” is not quite right. You either use film or a digital sensor in cameras. The light coming into a digital camera is “analogue” It stays analogue until it is processed by the in-camera analogue to digital processor.

You seem to have gone from one extreme (Leica M9) to the other (Fujifilm X100 and Olympus OMD-EM5.)

What you need to do is compare the sensor performance of all the available digital cameras. Pick the one with the best performance that is within your budget and then visit a proper camera shop to see which of them you like the best.

This link lists camera sensors and their performance.


If you start with a high quality digital image, you will have a better chance of producing better looking images in post production where you will tell Photoshop which film you want to emulate.

William asks…

How do you prepare semen for microscopic analysis?

Use a dye, immersion oil? I bought myself a microscope, did a test and I could only see sperm around the edges of bubbles. I did not use a cover slide so i could only see at x40 and x100 but again I did have some luck. The problem is that I’m having a vasectomy and i want to do my own testing in the long term. So i need to know what I’m doing. Thats why I’ve done a test before the procedure before they’re all gone and I’m not seeing enough to be confident sperm count will be zero.

Administrator answers:

I go to the doctor once every four to five years and get this done. Back in the USA my insurance covered it 100%. Even paying cash the cost should not be over $100. Here in Singapore, I am told it will cost me about $150.

Somehow I think a 100x microscope is barely on the edge of what you need. I heard that 300x is required. The cost of the equipment, and the space to store it in exceeds the cost of the procedure many times over.

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