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Your Questions About X100

March 14, 2013

John asks…

How do you work out the actual and therorectical yield?

How do you work out the percentage yield in Chemistry. For eg. The mass of CaO produced is 56g, calculate the percentage yield:

All I know is: Actual yield/ theoretical yield x100

But how do I work out the actual and theoretical yields?

Administrator answers:

% yield = difference between the actual yield and the theoretical yield divided by the theoretical yield times 100

Sandra asks…

How to separate a mixture of sawdust,sand,iron fillings,and salt?

1.List 4 separation techniques that might be used in this experiment. Explain how each could isolate a component of its mixture.

4 test tubes 13 x100
mixture sample
4 small baggies
heating unit
filter paper
distilled water

Administrator answers:

1. Separate the iron from the mix by using the magnet.
2. Add water to the remaining mix. The sawdust will float, skim it off. (floatation)
3. Pour off the water, to recover the sand (decantation) or you could filter it (filtration)
4. Heat the water to recover the salt by evaporation

Technically, you’d probably need to wash the sawdust and the sand to remove the salt that would adhere to them when the water was added.

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