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March 18, 2013

Richard asks…

Figuring a math trouble with math anxiety?

I have math anxiety. I’m trying to overcome it by doing math problems. Even some simple problems my brain freezes and I can’t think straight anymore.

So please help me:

A company called HBG
has a revenue of 5.09(billion) and they have a profit of 73.7(million). What is the profit in percentages.

I think you have to use this formula:

present – past
divide x100

Is this correct?

Administrator answers:

(73.7 million / 5.09 billion)x100 = 1.44% profit

Robert asks…

I need help with a math equation in geography?

I have to find the old-age dependency ratio (ODR)
The equation is
ODR= # people aged ?65
——————————– x100
# people aged 15-64

I do not know what that backwards e means. or how to go about finding the answer.

Administrator answers:

Are you sure it shouldn’t be >65 as in “people aged over 65″?

Betty asks…

What is a decent camera for travel?

I’ve been looking for a good camera that can take really nice pictures and is easy to use recently, and the fuji x100 seemed perfect just that its so expensive(around $1200)! Thats probably a relatively cheap price professionally speaking but, well, I’m not a professional photographer and i dont care much for high resolutions/high ISO since i know thats just a number people come up with to try to sell cameras for more. But i would like one (under $500, preferably even less) that can take nice night pics and daytime pics of anything (scenic, people, etc?) and while i was looking up cameras the fuji 2950 also looked good? but there were some cons out there like not good for taking pics of people?

I would appreciate any opinions from anyone!! thanks ahead of time!
Oh and i will also be getting either the galaxy s3 or s4 soon and my friends have told me the cameras are great on those phones… if i get the phone would it still be better to get a camera for pictures or should i stick with the phone?

Administrator answers:

The cameras on those phones are ok – if you compare them to low-end point&shoot cameras. But if you want to go upt to 500$, you can get something better than a low-end p&s.
Depending on what you want to lug around, you can get:
- low-end DSLR with a kit lens
- high-end p&s or bridge camera
- mid-level compact camera

Personally, I’d check out the Canon Powershot S95/S100/S110 if you want to go for compact size, the Powershot G15 if you want to go for more direct manual controls and a real viewfinder (otherwise, the S110 and the G15 are identical) or even perhaps the G1X if you want a DSLR sensor in a compact camera disguise.

Thomas asks…

In SWTOR if you buy a game time card and your currently an f2p member, would you need to buy the box too?

Hi, I’ve been playing SWTOR beta… But didn’t feel the need to pay, now that I played F2P I think its x100 better… If I bought a Game Time Card would I need to buy the box too?

Administrator answers:

I do not play SWTOR but looking at their site I don’t think you need the “box”. (don’t hold me to that =P)

Daniel asks…

Free download Bobcat X100 Mini Excavator Service Manual?

Hi All, any chance to get a free download service manual for bobcat x100 mini excavator?

Administrator answers:

As I know, that’s not free service manual for bobcat. But you can get one for cheap and good at

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