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March 27, 2013

William asks…

Cant stand being away from him?

He’s been gone for an hour or two but I cant help checking x100 if he came back yet. I spend all day and sometimes night togther and I’ve become so attached. All my other buddys seem boring, all I wanna do is hang out with him! Cant stop thinking about him. Is this normal? How can I take my mind off? Is there away to tell him i hate being away from him without being too needy?

Administrator answers:

Valium. And porn.

Mary asks…

What percent of the acetaminophen did you isolate?

It goes hand in hand with this question (Assuming the six tablets contain 500mg of acetaminophen each as advertised, calculate the mass percent of each tablet that id acetaminophen.) which I understand, but not the one I asked above.

Thank yall for your help in advance.

Administrator answers:

% acetaminophen = (amount isolated/stated amount) x100
= (amount acetaminophen obtained mg / 3000mg) x100

Richard asks…

What is the magnification of the eyepiece on a compound light microscope?

If possible could I also have the magnification of the high power, low power and medium power objective lenses?

Administrator answers:

A common magnification for a microscope eyepiece is x10, though x15 is sometimes used, as are lower magnifications such as x8 or x6. X10 is by far the most common.

Objectives are often x10, x40, x100 (oil immersion), though other magnifications for medium power are used (x25, x60, etc).

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