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April 3, 2013

Steven asks…

At least what percentage of the remaining votes must Calvin receive to catch up to Susie in the election?

Calvin and Susie are running for class president. Of the rest 80% of the ballots that are
counted, Susie receives 53% of the votes and Calvin receives 47%. At least what percentage
of the remaining votes must Calvin receive to catch up to Susie in the election?

Administrator answers:

If you mean to say…taht at the end of the count both be equal then….
Assuming total 100 votes ….80 are counted, in which calvin gets 47 x 80/100 = 37.6 votes so suzie gets 42.4 votes now so that both be 50 at the end of 100 counts calvin needs to get 12.4 votes from 20 and suzie need to get 7.6 votes from those 20. So taking %,

calvin needs 12.4 x100/20 = 62 % votes from the remaining 20 votes.

David asks…

What is the resolution of an average light microscope?

What is the resolution of an average light microscope?
And what is the magnification power? What types of objects does it see? And what is the source of radiation in it? and the same for an electron microscope please, i looked all over the internet and i couldn’t find anything, thank you.

Administrator answers:

A light microscope:
Reaches a total magnficaion of x1500,
Objects seen: if veiwing a cell no organelles would be visible except the nucleus and cell membrane or wall.
The Light Microscope has a resolution of 200 nanometres.
Gives 2D images.
Specimens can be alive.

Electron Microscopes:
The Transmission Electron Microscope:
An electron beam is passed through a very thin prepared sample.
Electrons pass through the denser parts of the specimen of the sample parts less easily, so there fore will give a contrast.
Gives 2D images.
Reaches a total magnification of x500,000
Specimens cannot be alive.
Objects seen: Organelles within cells: eg mitochondria

Scanning Electron Microscope:
The electron beam is directed onto a sample. The electrons do not pass through.
They are ‘bounced off’ the sample.
Gives 3D images.
Reaches a maximum magnification of x100,000.
Specimens cannot be alive.
Objects seen: organelles witin cells

Chris asks…

Why do professionals use Canon?

Thanks to the help of Dr. Sam and Koko I have finally purchased the Nikon D80. I wanted to know though, why is it that almost every single professional uses Canon when all you hear about is how Nikon is better. I see photojournalists, sports photographers, and many other people. My uncle is a Canon fanatic x100. I especially see the photographers that photograph models on the beach use only Canon.

Administrator answers:

Professional photographers might have a personal preference but they are generally not brand fanatics. They treat their cameras simply as tools to get a job done, and they buy whatever brand does the job best. These guys you see at sporting events with honking big lenses are holding +$10,000 setups, and they probably have another $15,000 worth of gear at home or in their studio. And for sports, Canon DOES have an edge. If money is no object, of course. But these high profile photographers with $$$ Canon gear make people think that a $1300 Canon or even a $600 Canon somehow has magical properties. Not so.
I also hear Brandon’s remark a lot: that only Canon has full-frame cameras. So what?! Canon, with a few frame full-frame cameras already on the market and years of market research into full frame sensors introduced a new professional camera this month with, guess what, a 1.3 crop factor. So I guess full frame isn’t a holy grail for professionals. It’s just another option that’s available if you need it and you’re willing to spend +$2500 for the body alone. There are rumours that Nikon also has a professional camera in the works with a full-frame sensor. And again, so what?! I don’t need it, I can’t afford it, and it won’t make my mid-range Nikon D200 a better camera.
Look beyond the marketing. Nikon can do sports photography almost as well as Canon and for professional landscape photography, portrait photography, macro photography… Any other kind of photography, you might find that a digital Nikon, Leica, or Hasselblad does a better job. Or… Dare I say it… A film version! But you don’t see those photographers flaunting their gear. You only see and admire their WORK.
You took the time to read all the literature and you concluded that for $1000 or less, the Nikon D80 is the best all-round dSLR currently on the market. Correctly so, in my opinion. (And although I’m a Nikon user, I’m not a Nikon fanatic.)
Stop worrying about it. Besides, now that you have a great camera, you can worry yourself sick over what lenses to get :-)

Linda asks…

Easy way to take off head unit face plate?

i need to take off the face plate to hook up a USB wire to my head unit, but because of how annoying and frustrating it is to take it off i don’t feel like it… what are easy ways to take off a face plate (for the alpine ida-x100) or any alpine head unit

Administrator answers:

Go to for all the answers you need

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