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April 11, 2013

Carol asks…

How long should a person have to detox from Caffeine?

I used to be able to drink plenty of coffee or Red bull without a problem.. Nowadays I’m somewhat sensitive sometimes and I’ve felt a bit physically ill with anxiety on a few separate occasions, so I’m avoiding caffeine now.
Why would this happen?

Administrator answers:

Caffeine is a very very very (X100 times) small drug.It does affect you ALOT if you drink like 14-15 glasses of coffee in a week.My music teacher had surgery by caffenine its good your avoiding but incase if you ever feel random dizziness or head aches
buy nescafe coffee and make it at home
use 1/4th a spoon of nescafe coffee powder
A little water and mix with the spoon till the mixture becomes light brown
then heat the milk and only pour half cup into the mixture

This all happened because of your addiction. Try to limit drinking coffe to 1-2times a week and also dont drink soda,red bull unless your in a party

George asks…

What’s the new equilibrium price and quantity after a specific tax is imposed in this problem?

The points on my Demand curve are (10,30) and (25,20). The points on my supply curve are (25,20) and (12,15). A 6 dollar specific tax is imposed. So I managed to get my D and S functions and already accounted for the 6 dollar tax, my new equilibrium price and quantity are 21.91 and 15,39
just not sure of my answer

Administrator answers:

Elasticity of demand = (30-20)/30 x 100/ (10-25)/10 x100=33.33/150= -0.22
Elasticity of supply= (20-15)/20 x100/(25-12)/25 x100=25/52= + 0.481
The tax incidence= PES/PES-PED=0.481/0.481+0.22 x 100=68.62%
That means 68.62 of $6 or 6×0.6862=$4.12 go to consumer.
The rest or $1.88 go to producer.
To find the equilibrium price, D=S, or (25,20) in both D and S. You can also do it with equation.
Demand, P=55-1.5Q
Supply, P -27+2.6Q
So after tax of $6, it will be 25+4.12=29.12 for consumer, and $23.12 for producer.

Laura asks…

How much does it cost to build a cheap indoor arena?

We are looking to move our horses to our house but we need somewhere to ride in when it rains or snows. what is the cheapest, smallest arena that we could build and how much approx would it be. thanks!

Administrator answers:

I just priced a 42′x100 for $12,000 for materials. Thats fully enclosed, not just covered. Kinda narrow for me, but Im told the price is significantly more for clear spans over 42′

I got a price of $99,000 installed for a 80×160

BTW these prices are just for the buildings, not footing or permits or anything. It does include the electrical though.

Ken asks…

How do I find the square root of 200 without guessing?

I want to know incase I don’t have a calculator handy.

Administrator answers:

Find factors of 200

sqrt(2 X100)

this equals

now use trail and error for the sqrt of 2 and then multiply it by 10 for your answer.

Steven asks…

What would you do if you were spending your pregnancy in Pakistan?

What should i look out for etc i’m a bit nervous about going there whilst pregnant in case anything goes wrong but i need to go for an urgent matter. I will be 15 weeks when i go and 28 weeks when i return.

Administrator answers:

Stay INSIDE your house unless it’s extremely (x100) important.

Take all the medications you are currently taking and may need e.g. Temperature. Keep numbers for the nearest hospital. Keep anything you may need in a handy bag in case. Make sure somebody is always next to you

Thomas asks…

Any ideas on how to get my vertical jump better?

I am in volleyball and in cheerleading. I am a middle blocker and need to improve my vertical. Please list any ideas of excersies. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Im in volleyball too and we’ve been working on our vertical jump alot lately. Here are some things we do:

1. Jump rope x100 on left foot ft x100on right foot and x200 both feet. (at first this kills and seems impossible at first but it gets easier and easier.)
2. Line jumps(find a solid horizontal and quickly jump back and forth as quick as you can. Try to keep your upper body in place and just move your legs on down back and forth. Do this: front to back for 30 sec. On 1 ft and for 30 sec. On the other and then do both feet. Then do the same thing except side to side.
Here are some websites:—Helpful-Tips-To-Increase-Your-Vertical-Leap&id=402417

hope i helped. Have fun working out

Mark asks…

What percentage of water was used during the hike?

A hiker began a hike with a pint canteen full of water. (One pint equals 16 fluid ounces.) At the end of the hike, 7.0 fluid ounces of water remained. What percent of the water was used during the hike?

Administrator answers:


Susan asks…

How do I solve for how long it takes GDP per capita to double?

If GDP increases for about 4% per year, how long will it take Per Capita GDP to double if the population grows at 3%? What is the proper equation to determine this?

Administrator answers:

Take the base year, population and nominal GDP to be 100. GDP per capita rises 100 x104/100 x100/103 in year 1. Year 1 GDP = 100.970873. Should per capita income rise by the same percentage next year and each year in perpetuity then simply multiply 100.970873 x 100.970873/100 (year 1) x1.00970873 (year 2)……etc…..for each year. I make it 72 years before per capita GDP passes 200….double the index of 100 for the base year.

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