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April 16, 2013

Joseph asks…

How much does it cost to run a 32000 btu per hour fire place for one hour?

The cost of natural gas is $1.432 per cubic foot. Please include your calculations and references.

Administrator answers:

Here is my try.

1 Therm = 100,000 BTU
1 Therm ~~ 100 CuFt Natural Gas

(32,000/100,000)X100 = 32 CuFt
32 X 1.432 = $45.82

HOWEVER, I am not sure where you are getting your pricing, or maybe there is a vast disparity from place to place. In Minnesota, right now, the cost is $0.75/THERM

If I use that:

(32,000/100,000) = .32 Therms
.32 X $0.75 = $0.24

I like my price better, sorry about yours.

Thomas asks…

How do they work out hyperinflation figures?

It’s easy for a non-economist like me to understand how economists work out normal inflation figures like 3% p.a. But in Hungary in about 1946, inflation was about 10^19 p.a. In Germany in 1923, it was in the trillions. Today in Zimbabwe it’s in the millions. When a roll of toilet paper will cost you 100 times as much tomorrow as now, how is the exchange rate calculated?

Administrator answers:

Its not a 100 times 2morow but a X100 in a year, but i dont know how they work these things out

Helen asks…

A good friend of mine wants to borrow money how much interest should I charge?

A friend of mine who I trust wants me to loan him $100 for 30 days how much should I charge him intreset on that? He has a shimp hut & fish resturant for 2 years now and needs people to invest in his place so he can get some extra things.

Administrator answers:

8% a year. A month would be (.08/12)x100

I would get it in writing. Just in case.

Ruth asks…

How would you make a 5% sugar solution that has a total mass of 100 g?

Hint given: This is a weight percent calculation so use the equation: weight percent= (mass of solute)(mass of solution)x100

I attempted to look this problem up on the internet, but it didn’t cover anything that concerned both weight and percentage in the problem! Please help! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

If the total mass of the solution is 100 g, then 5% sugar solution would be (.05)x(100) = 5 g of sugar. This would mean there is 95 grams of water.

So, in order to make this, you would dissolve 5 grams of sugar in 95 g of water.

Sharon asks…

Sony RX1OO or Fuji x100 which will Produce Better Large Print Outs?

hi all i work at a comercial print shop and i am considering in getting one of the following cameras.
Sony Cybershot Dsc-Rx100 or Fuji Finepix X100 and i know there is a 100s now but its the Price.
The Sony has 20 Million Pixels and the Fuji has 12 Million Pixels.
if i printed a A1 or A2 print out which would give me the most detailed print and sharpest.
How Accurate is the Sony RX100 Colours and i heard that Greens are Poor and not Accurate on the Sony RX100 and how Accurate is Auto White Ballance on both.

Administrator answers:

A1 = 33.1 x 23.4 in
A2 = 23.4 x 16.5 in

Imaging Resourse (camera review webpage) always does test prints of varying sizes with cameras at various ISOs. Here is what they found…

Sony RX100…
“Though its official base ISO starts at 125, the Sony RX100′s ISO 80 images looked good printed at 24 x 36 inches. Color was muted, particularly yellows and greens, as we also found in our MacBeth test target.
ISO 125 shots also looked quite good at 24 x 36, with excellent detail, but the muted color persisted.
ISO 200 images also looked very good at 24 x 36, if a little softer than ISO 125. Not enough to require a smaller print size.
ISO 400 images printed very nicely at 20 x 30 inches, with sharp detail.
ISO 800 shots were soft enough at 20 x 30 that we preferred the 16 x 20-inch prints, though we’d still call the 20 x 30-inch prints usable for most subjects. By ISO 800, the red leaf swatch appeared soft.
ISO 1,600 shots are usable at 16 x 20 inches, but look better at a still impressively large 13 x 19-inch size. The red leaf swatch was very soft at this point.
ISO 3,200 images look good at 13 x 19 inches, with the exception of the difficult red leaf swatch.
ISO 6,400 images are a bit soft for 11 x 14-inch prints, but look pretty good at 8 x 10.

Overall, the Sony RX100 stands out as a pocket camera that can produce good quality 24×36-inch prints from ISO 80 to 200, and even its highest ISO of 6,400 outputs a good quality 8×10. Impressive!”

Fujifilm X100…
“ISO 100 images look pretty darn good printed at 20×30 inches. There is some softness, however, probably due to mild noise suppression and a lack of sharpening, so I prefer the 16×24 inch output. Note that you can get away with 20×30 for wall display from ISO 100 to 400.
ISO 200 to 800 shots look great printed at 16×24, no problems, very little noticeable noise or image degradation.
ISO 1,600 shots look great at 16×24, too, except for a small amount of softening of fine details.
ISO 3,200…shots finally look a little rough at 16×24, and detail begins to soften more in low contrast areas, particularly reds. They look better, though, printed at 13×19 inches.
ISO 6,400 images hold together well, but are a little too soft in low-contrast areas to be called acceptable at 13×19. The red leaf swatch, in particular, is quite blurry, which doesn’t really look better at any reduced size–a very common occurrence, but it usually happens earlier on most cameras. Most elements look very good printed at 11×14, though.
ISO 12,800 shots are too soft at 11×14, but make a decent 8×10-inch print.

Overall, it’s a very impressive performance from the Fujifilm X100! Image quality holds together remarkably well across a wide range of ISO settings. Even ISO 12,800 shots make a good 8×10-inch print!”

Susan asks…

What volume of water and dye would you ned to make a 10% solution?

Hint given: This is a volume/volume % calculation so use the equation: v/v%=(volume solute)/(volume of solvent)x100

Thanks for the help! :)

Administrator answers:

My god kids are getting dumb

they give you the answer in the equation

90% water, 10% dye

so if the total volume is 100ml, then 90 ml water, 10ml dye

Lizzie asks…

How to calculate telescope focus range?

For example I have two lenses, one’s focus lengh 1.5 meters, another one is 0.015 m, so the zoom is x100. How can I measure the nearest distance to the object the telescope with those parametres can focus on?? It is called the closset focus, right? Is there any formula for calculating it and what does it depend on in that extra-simple optical system? Thanx

Administrator answers:

It’s called magnification, not zoom. Focusing range is a function of design of the telescope. Since most are used to look out at infinity, the only need for a focuser is to account for the viewer’s eye imperfections (such as being near or far sighted) or connection to a camera (called back focus).

But here’s something that is for one type of telescope -

Donald asks…

How much to Pack for 5 days?

I’m terrible at overpacking.
I need some tips and advice on how to manage what I bring.

I’ll be traveling to Cambodia for a week in April. I want to pack as light as light as possible. If at all possible; carry on only. (this might not be possible for me because of the amount of camera equipment i tend to bring on these international trips).

Please help me by adding to this list of guidelines I’m hoping to follow:
1) Only bring 2 small cameras (all medium formats and large format cameras will remain at home) One digital, one film; each will be each other’s backup. Although I’m tempted to bring a second film camera. Fuji X100, M3, (50mm + 21mm) (Fuji EFX20 – the only flash unit and no backup)
note: believe it or not; this is me carrying light. My typical walk around camera would be a Mamiya C330 TLR + Flash + batteries + X100. Or a Polaroid 110B Or even a field camera sometimes + plus a tripod and maybe light modifiers.
2) 4 T-shirts – Is there a way to reuse t-shirts without stinking?
3) 5 pairs of underwear and socks
4) two jeans, one shorts
5) one shoes
6) quick dry towel
7) toothbrush and paste (toilitries) 8) ipad (and i’ll leave the laptop at home) –> or is it a good idea to drop it from this list?
9) maps and travel guides
10) a light jacket for those cooler nights.

Administrator answers:

Do not forget your travel documents.

Laura asks…

Swimmers, what do you think about my swim workout ?

Ok so im fat, I used to swim a lot on a team. I lost almost 80 lb from 317 to 240.
5 x 200 free
5 x 200 pull
10 x 100 free kick it was 5 x100 but I got a little more fit.
10 x 100 free
maybe a 200 yard or so warm down
Any tips or suggestions im still trying to loose a lot of weight.

Administrator answers:

Try adding some backstroke or IM sets. It adds some more variety to the workout, which makes it more fun. You also get a better full body workout.

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