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April 23, 2013

Mark asks…

Is shell x100 motor oil good for motorcycle?

I purchase this and my motorcycle runs slowly. Is this really for motorcycle?

Administrator answers:

Do not use automotive oil in a motorcycle. Use motorcycle oil only. There is a difference. All of the major oil manufacturers make motorcycle oil. It will say “Motorcycle Oil” or something similar on the container.

You want to use motorcycle oil for a couple of reasons. First, the oil in a motorcycle operates at a higher temperature than in an automobile engine. Motorcycle oil will have additives that deal better with this higher temperature. Also, most motorcycles use what is called a wet clutch. This means that the clutch operates in the engine oil. Motorcycle oil will have additives that are clutch friendly. Automotive oil is bad for a motorcycle clutch.

Motorcycle oil is more expensive than automotive motor oil. You can save a few dollars by buying your oil at any major automotive parts store. Most major automotive parts stores will have a motorcycle section.

Use the weight oil recommended by your owner’s manual. If you do not have your owner’s manual, call your motorcycle dealer. They will be happy to tell you what oil to use.

David asks…

Should Mexico become a nuclear power?

You can take back what the gringos stole from you. Plan of San Diego X100. Screw the McDonalds, and Burger king eating Gringos and they say that Panda Express is gourmet Chinese food. North Korea is a rich advanced nation while obese Americans eat McDonalds everyday.
You S.Koreans are too cowardly to fight your own battles. You weak pendejos. We will nuke your weak culos.

Administrator answers:

Your a funny person. If you didn’t know, North Korea is poorer than Guatemala. Their nuclear capacity is pretty awful, the chance of their nuke actually hitting the U.S. Is low. Now to answer your question, Mexico should first focus on domestic problems before seeking to obtain nukes. Specifically, the drug cartels. The drug cartels need to be wiped out!

Donna asks…

How do you deal with an insecure mother?

I never really thought I did until I notice my own mother doing it. She seems to be the type who is successful in her career, has provided well for her family but seems to be in a loveless marriage (with my father who wants all her money – can’t even go on vacation and passively admitted he should’ve married someone else – bc of this she stalks his ex-girlfriend from 30 years ago on facebook and saves her pictures and compares pics of her and herself), does not know her identity, and is just spiritually and emotionally lost within herself. I’m nearing my late 20′s and she can be so immature sometimes and I think it’s driven by her insecurities. When my boyfriend and I first started dating (and i knew we were going to be serious), I wasn’t ready to tell my dad (crazy/dramatic). During thanksgiving dinner, she pretty much announced it with, “someone’s got a serious boyfriend..” out of NOWHERE…instigating… I knew she was starting drama and trying to get a reaction out of him (he’s a controlling guy and she’s become controlling too bc of how HE controlled her through these years). My parents were not excited that I was in a serious relationship but who cares, right? I left dinner and accused her of stirring the pot. She didn’t say much and surprisingly was still “normal” to me after that, which is the exact opposite of what she usually does. She was so negative in the beginning (I think bc her own love life isn’t great). Now she says nice things about him but when I talk about him very happy, she gets super pissy and I hate to say this but I think she’s jealous. She knows he’s a very good guy and in a way, wished my dad was that way with her…

She also tries to get involved in my career. I’m currently looking for another one now and if there’s bad news, she HAS to tell my dad, which pisses him off. I don’t tell them anything bc they still try to control everything and start drama in their own heads, make everything so negative. She’s my dad’s mouthpiece and of course, get pissed off if I don’t listen to their plans.
(I cut off communication with my dad. I don’t like it but he seems to be less negative/pissy when I don’t talk to him. When I do, it’s like I’m his possession again and any time I do my own thing, he gets extremely upset…negativity x100.)

Administrator answers:

I really hate to say it because you probably already know that I am going to say. You’re in your late 20s; your mother is never going to change, so deal with it. There are people who thrive on the situation that your mother is in. As for vacations, there’s nothing stopping your mother from going on her own or with a friend. Also, this is the 21st century and married couples have had separate bank accounts for years. Anything your mother earns should be deposited immediately into her private bank account.

I certainly would not have thought that your mother was stirring the pot when she announced that you had a boyfriend. They were just words to fill the air with. She was probably happy for you. I know that I was when all my children settled down.

So, you’re looking for a new job; if you don’t want your mother to tell your father, why on earth do you let her know anything.

Mandy asks…

Does it hurt an automatic transmission to go from neutral to drive at 65mph after coasting downhill?

I do this a lot to save gas but I am not sure it’s good for my transmission……

Administrator answers:

Yes, that would be considered abuse and torture on a transmission. Have you ever spun a bike tire by hand and stopped it with your palm? Now imagine that force the tire exerted on your hand… X100… That is what is happening to your clutch plates each time. You should just let the car do it on its own, as the car will figure the optimal gearing and engine speed for going downhill. You are not saving enough gas to make it worth replacing the tranny prematurely.

Carol asks…

What car is Leonard driving in the movie Memento?

This is driving me crazy. I just watched the movie Memento for the first time in ages, and I can’t figure out what kind of car he’s driving throughout it. I love cars, and feel dumb for not recognizing it, which is why I want to know, haha. I tried Googling it to no avail. Anyone have any idea?
Thanks, do you know what model?

Administrator answers:

A really good source for such questions is IMCDb (the Internet Movie Cars Database).
See here:
It identifies the car as a 1997 Jaquar XK8 [X100]

EDIT: It appears that Inquizetif tends to give every competitive answer to his own a “thumb’s down” — even if it IS the better answer.

Helen asks…

What is the percent composition of Sodium Benzoate?

The formula of sodium benzoate is C6H5COONa, and the molar mass of sodium benzoate is 144.11 g/mol.

Please show works.

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

To get the molar mass we have to sum the atomic weights .
There are 7 atoms of C
% C = ( 12.011 x 7 ) x 100 / 144.11 = 58.3
There are 5 atoms of H
% H = ( 5 x 1.008) x100 / 144.11 = 3.50
There are 2 atoms of O
% O = ( 2 x 15.99994) x 100 / 144.11 = 22.2
There is 1 atom of Na
% Na = 22.9898 x 100 / 144.11 = 16.0

NOTE : if we sum the % of the species we get 100

James asks…

What magnification do I use to see cell parts/types of tissue?

I have a microscope and histology exam and I want to be certain that I am doing everything correctly. Do I use the oil immersion lens for each type of tissue? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Always start with x10, get an idea of the tissue type and the surrounding cell types, then move onto x40, then x100. The finer details will appear the higher the magnification, it can be confusing when you start at the higher magnification.

Chris asks…

What percent of the initial intensity is transmitted?

Two polarizers are oriented at 48° to one another. Light polarized at a 16° angle to the first polarizer passes through both. (The direction of polarization of the light is between the directions of the two transmission axes.) What percent of the initial intensity is transmitted?

Administrator answers:

I/I0 = cos2(16) cos2(48) x100 = 41.37%

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