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April 30, 2013

Maria asks…

How do you calculate the percentage of the mean?

I know it’s something really obvious like dividing the standard deviation by the mean, but I just can’t seem to remember.

I need to calculate the percentage of the mean for 32.7 with a SD of ±4.9 and for a mean of 20.2 with an SD of ±5.98.


Administrator answers:

If you want to know what percentage of the mean the SD represents, you are correct – it would be SD/Mean (x100).

4.9/32.7 x 100 = 14.98%

5.98/20.2 x 100 = 29.60%

Mark asks…

How much money do you need to retire on?

I have no pension, but I own my own home with no mortgage. I also have quite alot of cash in the bank. If I get a financial advisor to invest this for income for me, with index linked investments (so that the capital goes up with inflation) and I want to retire on an income of, say, £15000 per year before tax in today’s terms, how much cash do I need in the bank to generate this income, which would enable me to retire and live a life of leisure?
I am 35 years old.

Administrator answers:

In retirement, you will want to take minimal risk with your money (you won’t necessarilly have 35 more years to recover from any market dips), so the smartest place for it to be then is a bond fund where you can reasonable expect to earn 4.5% on average, long term. To earn that, you need to have saved up (£15000/4.5)X100, which is about £333,300…

Between now and then, you can afford to invest quite aggressively, so if you chose an aggressive growth mutual fund earning 9-12%, you could grow £333,300 over the next 35 years either by investing £20,000 today, or by making annual investments of about £1,400 a year, or £27/week

David asks…

How to determine percent change in force?

If a car airbag lengthens the stopping time ?t by 0.002 seconds and the change in momentum ?P is the same, what is the percent change (difference) in force? Assume ?t = 1 s.

Administrator answers:

F = ?p/?t

F’ = ?p/?t’

?t’ = ?t + 0.002 = 1.002

%change in F: (F – F’)/F x100 = [(1/?t - 1/?t')/(1/?t)]x100 = (1 – 0.998)/1 x 100 = 0.2%

Thomas asks…

How do you find the grams in a molecular compound given the moles?

I have 3.35 moles of (C5H8O6) How would I go about finding the grams for each of those elements?
The next step would be for me to find the atoms for each, but I think I could do that if I knew how to find the grams

Administrator answers:

First determine molec wt of C5H806 by adding up the atomic wt of each of the compounds elements:
C= 12 x 5= 60
H= 1 x 8= 8
O= 16 x 6= 96
molec wt. (g./mole)= 164
164 g./mole x 3.35 moles= 549.4 grams

second determine % composition of each element:
C= 60/164 x100= 36.59%
H= 8/164 x 100=
O= 96/164 x 100=

once you have calculated the percentage of each element in the compound, multiply by the total grams of the compound (549.4 grams) to get wt. Of each of the three components (C,H & O)

George asks…

Is it safe if I smoke Salvia infront of my parents?

I will tell them, the only thing you need to know about this herb, is that its legal.

Administrator answers:

Although Salvia is legal, it is by far the most potent drug in existence, in my opinion. I’ve used LSD countless times; Salvia is like an instant LSD trip x100 in its intensity (depending on the type smoked). It is nothing like LSD, but in terms of its intoxication, it is FAR more potent (not by weight, however).

If you’re intent is to show your parents that a legal drug is okay to use, then you should definitely steer away from smoking it around them. You will be completely incomprehensible to your parents and I’m sure they’d be instantly afraid and perhaps call 911 or something else to that extreme.

Salvia is safe when used in the right way, but you’ll never convince your parents of this… Unless they’re EXTREMELY open-minded.

Charles asks…

I am working on excel and need to find the percentage of two totals?

My total rent roll for the month of March was supposed to be $671,446.00 and what I actually received for this month was only $665.057.47 How do I go about getting the percentage of these two figures.

Administrator answers:

I do not quite understand the question. However let me try to answer to my understanding.

If $671,446.00 is 100%, then
the % for this month would be (665,057.47/671,446.00)x100= 99.049%

To put this into excel:
Example if $665,057.47 is in cell A1 and $671,446.00 is in cell A2, then in any cell where you want to display the %, says cell A3, just insert the following eq to the cell.


then point your mouse to the cell A3, right click, select “format cells” in the drop down menu. In the pop-up table, under the “number” tab, select “percentage” then click “ok”. Done

Robert asks…

What’s the best pet if my family members have allergies?

I just really love dogs but my brother is allergic to them. What kind of pet should I get.

Administrator answers:

I’m allergic to dogs too.
I dont recommend getting a hypoallergenic dog breed either, cuz im still allergic to them regardless their name, haha.

Im allergic to almost every pet, so i know what it’s like.
You can still get anything that doesnt have fur or feathers.
You can get a reptile, but if you’re not into them,
you can get a small animal, they dont give out too many allergies.
I own two bunnies myself and i never show any allergic reactions towards them,
and they’re fascinating pets ! So loving and curious !

So basically anything non-furry & feathery, or a small furball (hamsters, bunnies, gerbils, guinea pigs, chinchillas…etc)

Good Luck x100 !!!! (:

Oh ! And btw, im a huuuuuuuge dog fanatic,
like my life revolves around them and im allergic to them -.-

lol i know, sucks for me,

If your brother’s up for it,
I’ve heard of these allergy shots you can take that help you with your allergies. The shots are kinda small doses of the allergy itself so your body gets immune to it. You take these shots once a week for a year or too.
Me myself would be SOOO up to it if it’ll help me with my alleriges, research more about it and talk to your family about it.


If you’re going to get a pet, i strongly STRONGLY suggest you adopt your pet ! It would be so much better for you all !
Not only will you save a pets life from being euthanized due to the animal shelter’s lack of space or cruelty itself, but the pet will be looking forward to coming to a loving home, much more than a pet from a breeder or pet store ! If you adopt, the pet will be new to such attention and care that you two will grow a quick and strong bond, as to pets from pet stores and breeders have never experienced things like this before so it’ll be much harder to train them. Oh, and pets from the shelter are already most likely housetrained and know some tricks !
Please dont purchase from a pet store, pets from there are from a cruel puppy mill, where they keep pets in terrible conditions. If you get a pet from there, they have higher chances of developing a health illness at an earlier age, anger issues & a shorter lifespan.
Research more on Puppy Mills. (:

Helen asks…

I would like to try something different?

I want to add Sour Cream and Cheese to my cornbread mix. Should I just substitute the sour cream for the milk? Also the directions call for 1 egg. Do you think that would be enough if I use sour cream? I believe the directions call for 1/4 cup of milk and 1 egg
oh, no I didn’t mean take the egg out. I meant would 1 egg be enough.

Administrator answers:

I do that all the time, you just substitute it, its yummy x100

Yes, you don’t need to add any extra egg when you substitute… Except for when you are duplicating

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