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June 2, 2013

Mandy asks…

whats the easiest way to figure percentages without calculator?

Example: 12 is what percentage of 37.5?

Anyone know of an easy way of calculating without the use of a calculator?

Administrator answers:

Form a fraction (12/37.5) and multiply by 100
(24/75) x 100

Donna asks…

What’s the best modern Beginner camera that looks like a vintage camera from like 70′s?

I am a beginner photographer and I really want a camera that works well but that looks like an old vintage one. Kind of like the fujifilm finepix x100. a camera like that one. That one is a little too expensive though. Any cheaper ones?

Administrator answers:

Fujifilm x100 like you said. Pentax has a model that sort of looks vintage as well for an advanced point and shoot.

Olympus are known for making very stylish designs with their four thirds models like the E-p2 and E-p3.

Donald asks…

How much dirt would it take to raise a lot ,?

I want to Put 4″ (inch) of top soil on a lot 140′x100‘ ,how much will i need.

Administrator answers:

My calculations come to 173 cubic yards. That comes out to 15 dumptruck loads. A typical 10 wheel dumptruck loaded to DOT legal weight capacity will carry 12 cubic yards.

Jenny asks…

installing a sub and an amp on my mustang?

i have a 99 mustang with mach 460 i already installed and aftermarket HU Alpine ida-x100 which is great with my speakers and stock amps but i dont have enough bass for my liking so i wanted to install a pioneer 12″ sub and a pioneer amp having the them separated from my stock speakers and amp would this make any difference on my stock speakers and amps?

Administrator answers:

I am going to assume that you are planning on running a separate power wire from your battery back to your amp. If you do that then run your audio cables and remote wire from the rear of your head unit and a ground wire from some where close to the amp, your stock speakers and amp should not be affected. I had an infiniti I30 with the BOSE premium stereo sys. That had a factory installed amp i went ahead and installed 2 10″ pioneer 1000watt subs and a sony xplode 750 mono channel amp with no problems.

Betty asks…

How to calculate Molarity when diluting a solution?

“You have to make 3.5L of HCl at a concentration of 1.35M for a lab activity. The Stock Bottle contains 12.0M HCl. Calculate how much of the stock solution you will use then explain how you would make the solution.

Administrator answers:

You basically have to dilute the stock solution to get 3.5L of 1.35M HCl
The number of moles of HCl that you need are: n=MV=3.5(1.35)=4.725mol
If there’s 12mol/L in the stock solution, you use 4.725/12 x100% of 1 litre of the stock solution=39.4%
Use 0.394L of stock solution.
Now that you need 3.5L, fill the rest of it up with distilled water:
3.5-0.394=3.106L water

John asks…

What is the ideal efficiency of an automobile engine where fuel is heated to 2800 K and the outdoor air is at?

What is the ideal efficiency of an automobile engine where fuel is heated to 2800 K and the outdoor air is at 295 K?

Administrator answers:

Efficiency = ( 1 – T2/T1) x 100 = (1 – 295 / 2800 ) x100 = 89.5 % (nearly)

Laura asks…

What would be the colonial era equivalent to nuclear war?

Now a days, we have all sorts of doomsday scenarios to call upon to liven up seemingly mundane situations, but back in 1652, there is no nuclear holocaust to be caused, no zombies to be eaten by, theres just the plague. Now I realize the plague and smallpox could work, on the Indian side of things, but Europeans have developed an immunity.

So please, help me destroy the colonial world in a creative fashion, it doesn’t have to make a terribly large amount of sense.

Administrator answers:

Okay ill make up a few colonial era equivalents to a nuclear war. And will make a few examples as well alternated XD.

The year is 1788, James cook is on the way to establish the colony of Australia in botany bay and has just signed the Terra Nullis (Meaning the land is either unoccupied or the people are too uncivilised to own the land legally). James cook is overjoyed and is about to get some land for farming. He starts to weird hand motions to a few aboriginal people until he gets the shock of his life that they speak english, and have guns. And alot of people holding guns and begin opening firing at him and all the convicts and sailors. The survivors try to run away but get shot down by the Aboriginals greek fire. XD eheheh.

Okay another one. Christopher columbus has made it back to spain and told them of the new world and the mountainless riches and cities made of gold. The spanish land 10,000 conquisadors on the tip of where the aztecs live. Gaining alot of gold and plundering alot of places. One of the conquisadors was very evil and made out with one of the natives, who might have some sort of STD that the aztecs were immune to. As the conquistor returned home with his riches he thought he’d sleep with 20 prostitutes. And then they made out with x100 more guys. Now there is a STD epidemic in Europe XD, it is a possibility

Okay one more Thanks for asking this question :D im having alot of fun writing these.

The year is 101AD the roman empire is at its fullest extent and life is getting better and better for the Roman people as exotic slaves begin to fill the streets of Rome, but unknowingly the ratio of slaves to Roman citizens were beginning to become dangerously rising. And just one minor revolt could send all of the slaves onto a destructive rampage. The emperor has just called for 100 days of colloseoum games. But little did he know that the gladiators were planning an escape and incite a rebellion to take over Rome. A person gives the lead gladiator sword and he cuts his head open. Then everyone begins destroying and pillaging Rome and everywhere else turns to shambles earlier XD..

Thanks for the questions was fun to write :D

Daniel asks…

How does one measure the experimental error in an an experiment?

I was just wondering how to calculate the experimental error for an experiment we had to do in school. The only measuring apparatus used was a ruller which measures to the nearest millimeter, and a timer whih measures time to the nearest split second (0.01 of a second) Any help would be really appreciated,

Administrator answers:

In an experiment, you measure say lenght (ruler readings I suppose here) vs time. Each time you do a reading you may have to do it a few times to make sure the readings you get are acceptable.

If you do say 5 readings each, you will get five different results. You can get a percentage error by dividing the lowest by the highest X100/1

eg (100/105 x100) -100 = 95 say that gives a 5% error.

That is if 100 is the low and 105 is high

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