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June 5, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What stiffness is comparable in rife shafts?

A pro recommended that I get rife Rifle 6.0 Project X shafts what stiffness is this comparable to in a True Temper shaft and also for all the numbers. is a higher number stiffer than a lower one. Thanks.
My swing speed is 107 mph with a driver my instuctor measured it

Administrator answers:

Although Project x feels slightly softer, the following is the Rifle-Dynamic Gold scale:

-Rifle 5.0 = Dynamic Gold R300
-Rifle 5.5 = 1/2 way between R300 and S300
-Rifle 6.0= Dynamic Gold S300
-Rifle 6.5= 1/2 way between S300 and X100
-Rifle 7.0= Dynamic Gold X100

Hope this helps

Richard asks…

How does the Fuji x100s compare to the Fuji x pro1 in terms of IQ?

The x100s has a newer version of the x trans sensor (version II). Does that just mean it has the phase detection auto focus built in, or is there a difference in image quality?

Administrator answers:

The x pro 1 was released before the x100s.
Fuji took the sensor from the xpro 1 and put it in the x100s.

The sensor is essentially the same.

The autofocus is a concern of the software. The image quality will also change depend on the lens you use. Fuji has optimized the sensor with its fixed lens with the x100s. The tolerances are not as tight with the x pro1 because of interchangeable lenses.

But this image quality question is not the reason to get a fuji.
- do you need to change lenses?
- is size a concern?
- do you need or want flash with a high sync speed? (X100)
That’s why I have the fuji x100. But I don’t use it enough to justify upgrading it to x100s

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