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June 16, 2013

David asks…

How you figure out this complicated stupid math question which you probably find it easy?

The price of jeans was reduced from $25 to $20. The reduced price of the jeans was then increased by X percent to return it to $25. What is greater: X or 20?

(the back of the textbook says that the answer is “x” is greater but that doesnt make any sense)

Administrator answers:

You’re right – it makes no sense. $5 is $5 But percent is parts per hundred. Consider that to add $5 to $20 is to increase the 20 to 25. $5 is (5/100 X 20)x100 = 25% of 20. The percent number, 25, is greater than 20- but percent is not dollars – so yeah, the book is right if you look at it the right way.

Chris asks…

How do I do an average sum for my exam results – anyone good at math?

I got an average of 64.1% in 60% workload of my course, and I want to get an overall average of 60% grade minimum. What mark do I need in my remaining dissertation which takes up the remaining 40% of marks in order to attain a 2.1 (60%)?

Administrator answers:

60% of 64.1 = 0.6×64.1 = 38.46

60 – 38.46 = 21.54

your grade in the remain ing 40% should be = (21.54/40)x100 = 53.85

never aim for 60.. Always aim higher and u will be surprised at what u can achieve

Linda asks…

How to get videos from my Toshiba Camileo in HD?

I’m so confused. I’ve read the manual, and the tutorial online, but can’t seem to figure it out. I installed the ArcSoft software that came with it, and I can get the videos into it, but when I watch them back they are all blurry and nothing like what they look like when I play them back on the camcorder. Help please?

Administrator answers:

Hi Emily:

HD video requires very good computing power to properly process (there’s a lot of “video compression / decompression”—where the word CODEC comes from— going on with both the CPU and video card). It sounds like your PC isn’t up to the task.

Your camera has a dedicated video processing “engine” to handle the codecs and HD video bandwidth, and has a smaller screen, which is why it can look “better” there.

If you feel like posting the brand and model # of your computer, I can get a better idea if adding more RAM, a better graphics card (if it’s not a laptop), a faster hard drive, etc., might help improve things.

Otherwise a serious PC model upgrade might be called for. (If you look carefully at the system requirements between HD and non-HD cameras & editing software, the specs vary greatly.)

Also, knowing which Camileo model you have (e.g., S10/S20, H20, X100, etc.) would be helpful information to have for discussion. Some Toshiba models have firmware upgrades that improve their operation. And some Camileo models have no optical zoom, so if you are using the digital zoom and showing the footage on a larger screen than your camcorder’s, it will look fuzzy/blurry and pixelated.

Using the 720p video setting (the lowest HD setting) might improve the image on an under-powered PC (1080 HD requires faster processing).

Hope this helps,
–Dennis C.

Steven asks…

How Can I Test the Water Retention of Soil?

I am a high school student working on a Science Fair Project regarding the usefulness of charcoal additives in soil to improve soil quality. As part of my experiment, I would like to focus on increased water retention levels of soils containing charcoal.How exactly could I test water retention with only household materials? Do I need to have a tensiometer or other advanced equipment to squeeze the water out of the soil? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

A simpler and less expensive method can be used if you are consistent in timing and method. You would need screened soil (a window screen would work, or better if slightly larger) to get consistent soil size, getting rid of stones, roots or other foreign matter.

You will need enough soil to run at least duplicate samples with and without charcoal. The more replicates, the better the data will be. You will need to dry the soil (a vacuum oven is best, but you could use a household oven at 250 F for a couple of hours).

You need to determine the amount of charcoal you want to add 1%, 2%? Mix you charcoal into the soil well. For the samples weigh the container (4 ounce baby food jar?) and weigh out say 50 g of oven dried soil (with and without charcoal) into the jar and add just enough water to make a rather thick mud perhaps using a nail as a stirrer. There should be a very slight amount of water remaining on top of the mud.
Invert the jar onto 2-3 pleated coffee filters to adsorb the excess water from the jar.time how long you leave to jars (15 – 30 minutes maybe) and then re-weigh the jars.

You next need to calculate the percent of water retained for each sample. 100-(Dry soil & jar weight/wet soil & jar weight X 100) should give you the percent weight of water each soil has. For example 100- (83 g/101 g X100) = 17.8% water.

Treat each and every soil sample consistently. Hopefully you have access to a balance that can read 2 decimal places. If you have to do the work at home and take the samples to school to weigh, cap the jars to retain the moisture.

The procedure above is a bit crude to what a laboratory would do, but if you are careful you may see some results although you may have to scale up a bit. What soil type you use will greatly affect the water retention with sandy soils retaining less and clay/loam soils retaining more.

Good luck

Susan asks…

For how long can hazelnut cream cheese spread be out of the fridge?

O.k so right now it’s about 12:30 and I just finished my lunch break and a have a hazelnut spread that I opened before going to lunch but now that I came back, the office fridge is not working. So my question is if it will go bad if it’s not in the fridge, I want to take it home but I don’t get out until 4:30. Will it be good until then ?

Administrator answers:

2 hours, many more if you put it on ice. The ideal temperature is 38-40 degrees F with a shelf life of 7 days. Take it home it won’t kill you.
You go to a party and the spread was put out at 6pm, you arrived at 8:30 after dinner, then snacked on it at 10. If and it should be, most dairy is pasteurized, it’s probably safe.
Don’t worry as long as those hazelnuts hadn’t gone rancid.
The growth pattern of bacteria goes rapidly as time progresses. After the 3rd hour it’s x10,000, 4th hour x100,000, and the 5th x 1,000,000. 10-12 hrs. It’s in the billions and visible to the naked eye!

The Pasteurization process 145 degrees F for 30 minutes or 161 degrees F for at least 15 seconds.

Laura asks…

What are some main cultural differences between England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales?

I’m a medical student looking to do one of my rotations overseas, hopefully in the UK. I was wondering what the main differences are between these regions. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Unless you have been born/brought up and lived in the UK and in each of the countries most people wouldn’t have a clue about any differences…..they are born in one country and most people spend their life in that country, maybe going on holiday elsewhere, maybe living in army barracks, however few would live and work for any length of time away from ‘home’

I can confidently discuss two countries having lived in each of them for several years , visited the other two, spending at least 3 months in each………. All 4 UK countries are wonderful, each are different, however we all also are very alike in many ways……..

I was born and brought up in England and it is hard to tell you how I could compare village life with central London as they are poles apart, yet the same country……….so it depends on where you live…. It tends to be the further north you go the friendlier it is, that is not always the case but as a general rule…….. On he other hand you could call that friendliness ‘being nosey’ Culture can be different in London to Yorkshire, the Midlands to East Anglia, however the pace of life is fast and if anyone was going to Britain I would suggest England purely on the basis you are central and can travel and see Wales and Scotland easier ( both are lovely countries)…

Wales more laid back, arty, rural beauty,castles, historically romantic, North Wales you will get Welsh language spoken, high tech chip industry, history of coal, tin and slate mining ( and gold) however not as developed ( or commercial ) as England I spent my whole summers there as a child with family who live there..

Scotland….. Rugged, rural, sparely populated, historic, town/cities are or can be austere, they are very tuned into getting money out of tourists ( like London in England is) so lots of cheap tourist ‘tat’ they run Highland games, Military, art, comedy festivals….New Year Scotland is the place to be.. I have friends in Scotland and a lovely country to visit…

Northern Ireland …..which is across the Irish sea on the island of Ireland..which they share with ROI ( another country) NI is only as big as a county in England, it is a concentration of England, Scotland and Wales rolled into one, the pace of life is slower, the quality and freshness of food is x100 better and you get the ‘nosey’ welcome/friendliness it is a blend of ‘Irish and British’…. Although many of the locals would not like me saying that…I have a home in NI and one on the border NI/ROI ( as well as one still in England……I choose to spend my time in the main in ROI and NI ( but with an English diet, non smoker/non drinker….so a lovely pace of life)

As a medical student if you are looking for experience in heart attacks, NI has the best doctors …. The diet in NI is butter loaded, drinking alcohol, smoking and mental trauma because of the troubles, the suicide rate in young males is high…….. The other countries of the UK send their doctors to NI to get experience…………..

Donald asks…

what time do the trains and buses from glasgow to edinburgh stop on a sat night?

going to a gig and want to get the train or bus home to edinburgh. anyone know of a timetable for the night services?

Administrator answers:

The last train on Saturday night from Glasgow Queen Street station to Edinburgh (operated by ScotRail) leaves at 2330.

Scottish Citylink Coaches operate coach service 900 from Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station to Edinburgh leaving every half hour from 1900 until 2400, then at 0130 and 0300.

Dodds Coaches operate coach service X100 from Prestwick Airport via Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station to Edinburgh leaving Glasgow at 0100.

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