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June 17, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What formula would i used to solve this problem?

The daily circulation of the largest newspaper in the country is about 1.68 million. The daily circulaton of the third largest newspaper in the counrty is about 1.05 million. Express the relative difference using a percentage. Use the second given value as the reference valus. Also write a describing the result.

The relative difference between the largest and the third largest newspaper in the counrty is __%.
(rounded to the nearest integer as needed)

The largest newspaper has __% more circulation than the third largest.

Administrator answers:

To find the percentage of one number in relation to another number then divide the relative number by the base number (in this case 1.05M) and multiply the result by 100.

The difference in circulation between the two newspapers is 1.68M – 1.05M = 0.63M
Expressed as a percentage measured against the circulation of the third largest newspaper gives :-
0.63 x100/1.05 = 60%

The largest newspaper has 60% more circulation than the 3rd largest.

Laura asks…

How do I work out a percentage increase?

A baby weighs 4kg when he is born. One month later he weighs 4.8kg.
Work out the percentage increase in the baby’s weight.

This would be a lot of help, thanks! x

Administrator answers:

A percentage increase is the

increase or gain

divided by the original amount

multiplied by 100 to make it a percentage

so increase or gain is 4.8 – 4 = 0.8 kg

divided by 4 the original weight x100

see calculation in ans above

John asks…

How can I low my hormones level?

I’m 15 years old. I can feel my hormones running through my veins, I have so many emotions and crushes and wishes, I get obssessed with the beautiful people on TV shows (and of course it makes me think about my body image) and I’m always feeling sad and depressed because I’ve lost all my friends and I’ve got no one to talk with. I mean, my life is the fruit of what I’ve planted, and it’s not pretty.

But I’m only 15 years old and this isn’t that bad, I’m sure, but this damn teen age is killing me. The hormones make me live things x100 more dramaticaly than they actually are.

Is there any medicin I could take, some sort of aliments that could help me feeling happier, or something else? I can’t stand myself anymore, and even now I can hear myself overreacting…

Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

You cant its just show life is and you need to get over it

Ken asks…

Why am I judged for smoking marijuana when they smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or floride?

I am really confused as to why people insult weed but do things that are x100 unhealthier for your body then weed. About a week ago a friend of mine told me to “Why are you smoking that crap, put that out” In a safe location by the way, when they got in an argument over it. While he had a cigarette in his hand and was on other drugs. I just dont see why people have such a bad attitude towards the safest drug but have no problem with the drugs that kill people.

You drink tap/botteled water=you drink floride! and other dangerous chemicles , you use non homemade toothpaste=you drink floride! My arguement was how can you judge weed when you smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, drink tap/botteled water, or use toothpaste thats not homemade?
His argument was it kills brain cells lol

Administrator answers:

No idea, It annoys the crap out of me as well…
Drinking alcohol is more damaging for you body than smoking weed.
I don’t get it either, it’s just the reputation I guess..

Richard asks…

How would I turn this number into an efficiency percent?

For my science lab I am doing, I need to calculate my efficiency. The formula I am given is:
Efficiency = E OUT/E IN X 100%
One of my sets of data is:
Efficiency = 84227/51600 X100%
= 1.63230620155

I have to graph all of my data, with my % Efficiency on the Y axis, but I don’t know how I’m suppost to turn 1.63230620155 into a percent. I would really, really appreciate it if someone would explain to me how to do this.
Thanks so much :)
Thanks, you guys helped a lot :)
Now, do I put my answer down a 1.63, but change it to 163%, by moving the decimal two place to the right, for the y-axis on the graph?
thanks so much :)
So now just to clarify it, would I make 1.63 my answer, and for the graph I would change it to a percent by moving the decimal two spots to the right?

Administrator answers:

By multiplying 100 you get your answer ans a percentage
In physics and chemistry i learnt the equation as
Efficiency in % = E out / Ein x 100
in your equation x 100% does nothing anything 84227/51600 = 1.63 by multiplying by 100% just says you have 100% of the number you have.

By multiplying by 100 you get 163% if this chemistry or the efficiency of a mechanical object check your answer you can’t have 163%

George asks…

How does the M(Typ 240) compare with Canon 5D MKIII / Nikon 800E?

The longer i’m waiting for the M(TYP 240), the more I hestiate to cancel my preorder. I use to use a Fuji X100, which was recently stolen. So I will need a digital camera of some sort to supplement my film stuff. I know this is extremely self-indulgent, and it is a serious case of G.A.S. For me, It is about finding the right digital camera for me.

For the same price of a M240, I can get a Canon and Nikon with all the lenses i would use for it – with change to spare. On the other hand, I have lenses that I really enjoy using on my M3. (50mm planar, 21, color-skopar, 90mm elmarit (FAT), 135 elemarit Canada)

I occassionally shoot landscapes and urban landscapes (usually with a 4×5). Street / documentary / reportage (what ever you want to call it) with a hasselblad 500C or M3 (depends on my mood) I’ve been doing more environmental portraits lately with the hasselblad. I ocassionally do some work in the studio, but only a few times a year. I also do occassional events (weddings as a third shooter, neighbourhood block parties, etc etc)
I do a bit of everything – and it is all for fun and not commercial.
website is still under construction, but it does have some of the stuff i do…

Administrator answers:

They are in a whole different class than the M type.

The M is a rangefinder camera that uses Leica M type lenses.

The number of lenses is limited, so if you intend on shooting sports, action or need long lenses, the M will not do the job.

The Nikon D800E and Canon 5D, Mark III cameras are both full frame like the Leica, but can use lenses from fisheye to extreme telephoto (800 mm for instance)

Trying to use mismatched lenses with ANY camera system is false economy. Just buy the system that will do what you want and buy the lenses made for it.

Here is how the sensors compare in the important areas.


Steven asks…

What’s the best way to get rid of a wasp nest?

Apparantly there’s a wasp nest somewhere near my basement. What’s the best way to get rid of it? Exterminator?

Administrator answers:

Call a professional! What you buy in the store is a temporary fix with low-grade ingredients. The wasps will just start rebuilding as soon as the spray dissipates. The professionals are licensed to use chemicals not available to everyone. I have a serious wasp problem in my back yard and every year, I have professional treat the area.

They also have the meshed helmets and bee suites to prevent from multiple (x100) stings, which you probably do not have. Irritate their nest and they will go to their death defending it.

Paul asks…

wisdom tooth extraction needle compared to other tooth extraction needles?

i’m getting my wisdom teeth (all four) extracted tmr and i’m dead scared. I’m not scared of the needle poking through the gums i’m scared of the pain when the fluid in the needles get injected into my gums. i heard that the needle for wisdom teeth extraction is x100 more painful than when u get a needle for a normal tooth extraction. is that true? i had experienced extracting four front teeth and the needle wasnt way too bad

Administrator answers:

I just had all 4 of mine out last week, i was awake, the needle he uses stung for a second maybe 2 tops then u feel nothing.
Be careful not chew on the sides of ur mouth!

Robert asks…

what are some good HD camcorders?

i was thinking i wanted the Toshiba Camileo x100, but is there anything better for about the same price?

Administrator answers:

Nikon coolpix x8100

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