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June 26, 2013

Carol asks…

How do you stop that tried feeling when masturbating?

I was wondering if there any way not to feel tried after coming, or to overpower it

Administrator answers:

Ok, Back when your great grandad x100 was young and we all lived in caves, the male would go out and hunt for meat. It was pretty dangerous work and no holiday pay or sick leave.
When he got home at the end of the day, sex was his reward. His partner didn’t want him giving all the meat to the hussy in the next cave, so the daily dose of sex was served hot and strong as his reward for fighting three story high brontosauruses all day.
That was his reward.
Big sex.
After sex his day was over, and as tv had not been invented yet, it was time for nature to shut him down so he had energy to burn the next day. The guys would all nod off.
The female on the other hand was programmed to do sex like a pornstar to keep her man interested and keep him hauling that meat home every day so after the yucky stuff was done with and her partner was snoring, it was her turn to stand guard and watch the cave entrance for marauding monsters so he could sleep soundly.
They built ladies mighty tough in those days, and god help any hungry creature that came poking around her cave at night when her family was at rest. It would normally end up being served for breakfast.
That’s just the way nature designed the human partnership. Guys hunted by day and the women slept lightly and were watchful at night to reduce the chances of us all being eaten by something looking for a midnight snack.

To this day, guys still fall flat on their faces after sex and females still beat them up about it, screaming “Well, what am I going to do NOW you Neanderthal …talk to me”

And that’s what life is really all about. Go have yourself some sex, then take a nap….or better still, go check out that hussy in the next cave over…..And take a few prime steaks with you. Old habits die hard.

Mary asks…

How do you change a percent into a fraction?

Or you could tell me how to do a decimal into a fraction either way I get the answer.
1. 0.46/46%
2. 1.25/125%
Or a decimal into a fraction either way I get the answer.
1. 0.125/125%
2. 7.5/750%
3. 4.5/450%
4. 30 1/2 %

Administrator answers:

1) 0.46 = 46/100 X100 = 46%

2) 1.25 = 125/100 X100 = 125%

1) 0.125 = 125/1000 X 100= 12.5%

2) 7.5 = 750/100 X100 = 750%

3) 4.5 = 450/100 X 100 = 450%

4) Incomplete

Steven asks…

What is the percent of mass of oxygen in magnesium oxide, MgO?

And how did you get the answer? My final is tomorrow- I really could use the help.

Administrator answers:

Formula: % mass =part/whole x100%
want: % mass O
know: MM MgO=40.30 g/mol, MM O=16 g/mol

step 1: plug values into formula and solve
step 2: ANS

good luck.

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