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July 2, 2013

Chris asks…

How much space do I need to play comfortably on a normal sized pool table?

Not just the table, i need to know how much space i need around the table too comfortably use the pool stick.
Kid ball face, I’m trying to place a new pool table that i don’t own in the best spot in my house. its not like i’m standing there looking at a pool table wondering if i should play b/c of the dimensions. You my friend, are a freakin idiot lol

Administrator answers:

Pool Table Sizes…

All American Custom Pool Tables pool tables can be ordered in 3 sizes:

8 foot (44″x88″),

pro 8 (46″x92″), sometimes called called “oversize 8″,

9 foot (50″x100″) tournament size.

Most models are also available in 7 foot (39″x78″) size, commonly referred to as a “bar table”.

The dimensions enclosed in parentheses define the playing field or area inside the cushions. These playing field dimensions are sanctioned by the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and are standard throughout the industry. Although professional tournaments are usually played on 9 ft tables, BCA regulations permit tournaments to be played on any pool table that is twice as long as it is wide.

Since the rails on American Custom Pool Tables pool tables are 5 1/2″ wide, you must add 11″ to the figures in parentheses to obtain the outer dimensions of the table.

The recommended space required for each size table is shown in the table below:

Table Size Space Required Using Standard 57″ Cue Stick. Minimum Space Recommended
Requires Some Use of Short Cues
9 foot (50″x100″) 14′ 8″ x 18′ 10″ (prefered) 13′ 1″ x 17′ 4″(minimum)
Oversized 8 (46″x92″) 14′ 4″ x 18′ 2″ (prefered) 12′ 9″ x 16′ 8 (minimum)
8 foot (44″x88″) 14′ 2″ x 17′ 10″ (prefered) 12′ 7″ x 16′ 4″ (minimum)
7 foot (39″x78″) 13′ 9″ x 17′ (prefered) 12′ 2″ x 15′ 6″ (minimum)

Ideal dimensions are shown in the middle column of the table above, but you can play with reasonable comfort in the space shown at the right by keeping shorter 52″ or 48″ cue sticks available for the occasional crowded shot. Since most shots will be made at an angle to the table, or with the butt of the stick raised, relatively few shots will require the shorter cues.

Bear in mind that you can have a low backed chair, couch or table within the alloted playing space as long as the butt of the cue rises above such obstacles. In general you can play over any obstacle lower than 32″.

Room size is obvously a major consideration when choosing a table, but playing skill is also important. The larger the playing surface, the more challenging the game. Many casual players prefer the standard 8 foot table, even when they have space for a larger table. Serious players prefer a 9 foot table but may have to concede to the oversized 8 due to room size.

James asks…

How does the ‘best answer’ percentage work?

i mean, does 1 best answer corresponds to 1 percent?
And why does it decrease?! I had 9% then it became 7, does it decrease when its been a long time since any of your answers has been chosen as best answer?

Im fairly new at this, y’know.

Answers are appreciated :D
Even trolls (yes,yes i am a fan of unfriendable too :D )

Administrator answers:

The percentage is

# of Best Answers / # of Total Answers X100

so if you get enough BAs, the percentage goes up. If you answer with no BAs it goes down. For example

4 BA with 5 total answers
4/5 X 100 = 80%

Now if you answer 5 more with no BAs
4/10 X 100 = 40%

Now if you answer 10 more with no BAs
4/20 X 100 = 20%

Once you get many answers the percentage changes much more slowly.

Lisa asks…

Where can i buy polystyrene beads in Ga.?

I am constructing a 70′x100‘ concrete block building that I would like to insulate with polystyrene beads . I have found places to buy them however,I would like to buy in larger quantitys than what it takes to fill a beanbag chair. I live in north Ga. and would like to find somewhere somewhat close to me.Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

GA,cheapest buy rates shop

Ken asks…

Are neck slings good for strengthening the neck for boxing?

i’ve recently bought a neck sling, but i was wondering how many reps i should do with it, and what sort of weight i should use. Also how long will it take to get results from it.

Administrator answers:

You should start out with 10 lbs.x50 reps for 5 days a week for the first month.

Then move it on up to 10lbs.x100 reps for 5 days a week for the next month.

And then 15 lbs.x50 reps for 5 days a week for the next month.

Followed by 15 lbs.x100 reps for 5 days a week for the next month.

And close to last, 20 lbs.x50 reps for 5 days a week for the month after that.

And finally 20 lbs.x100 reps for 5 days a week for the next month.

If you want to do it like the pros, work up to 20 lbs.x200 reps for 5 days a week.

Thomas asks…

How many people are actually afraid of the Swine Flu and want the vaccine? – read into it
Just a poll
@ Kat maybe that’s becuase their “cure” is giving you the flu in the first place along with many poisonous metals and carcinogens. I took a shot once and was in the hospital for 3 days.

Administrator answers:

Bout a year ago,I downloaded a pdf file from the us fda listing every vaccine
certed by fda,and all additives,,,,metals,methyl cellulose,excipients,thimerosol,yeast,chicken,pig,beef protein,etc etc a hundred items,all were lost in a memory wipe made necessary by a virus.
Each one of the other components need scrutiny and testing,fda has okayed mercury as an additive,another very toxic metal,present in tooth filling material,and called “silver” by dental practitioners
the h1n1 virus killed many million in 1918,,,and ,this virus,being a life form,,,,can mutate,,how it might mutate is the mystery,,,human dna has 20 to 25,000 genes ,,,the interchange among viruses,animals and human hosts may cause the virus to rapidly adapt along the path that best enables it to reproduce
,I’d rather chance this possibility than the fdas “certified” vaccines

Laura asks…

What is the cross price elasticity of demand?

As a result of a 10% increase in the price of pretzels, the weekly quantity demanded of potato chips increases from 500 bags to 600 bags. What is the cross price elasticity of demand?

Administrator answers:

% increase in quantity demand of substitute good= (600-500)/500 x100=20%
The cross price elasticity= 20/10=2.
It means the 1% increase in price of pretzel,will increase 2% demand for chips.

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