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July 4, 2013

Mandy asks…

Is Fujifilm a Declining Photography Company?

I am planning to buy a Fujifilm model camera for around $300. However my dad says that Fujifilm has been on a decline and recommends that I consider a Nikon or Canon model instead. Otherwise I’m happy with the camera I picked for the price. Is Fujifilm really that bad of a camera company now compared to its competitors?

Administrator answers:

Actually, no.

Fujifilm makes great quality cameras, especially their bridge cameras.

They are also steppinginto the realm of high end enthusiast equipment such as the X100 model or X-1 Pro which are high performing DSLR sized sensor cameras clad in magnesium alloy.

Also, fujifilm’s lenses for the X-1 pro are extremely high performing and have been given just as high marks than comparable Leica lenses

Joseph asks…

I would just like to know what that meter inside a vehicle on a vehicle dashboard that measures something?

similar to the speedometer that says “x 100″ what could this be and do automatic transmission vehicles have this meter?

Please explain and HONEST answers only

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

1. It’s a tachometer. It measures how fast the vehicles engine is turning. 20 (x100) is 2000rpm.
Some automatic transmission cars have it, some don’t. Some manual transmission cars don’t even have them.

Mark asks…

What is the average amount of electricity does the USA use every year?

i need the average mount of the electricity the usa uses every year… it will help a lot thanks:)

Administrator answers:

The United States is the largest energy consumer in terms of total use, using 105 exajoules in 2005, but that number includes things like gasoline and fuel used for heating.

Actual electricity generation in 2007 was 4,157 Terawatt hours.

SI (metric) prefixes:

da (deca) = x10 (rarely used)
h (hecto) = x100 (rarely used)
k (kilo) = x1000 = e3
M (Mega) = x1000000 = e6
G (Giga) = x1000000000 = e9
T (Tera) = x1000000000000 = e12
P (Peta) = x1000000000000000 = e15
E (Exa) = x1000000000000000000 = e18
Z (Zetta) = x1000000000000000000000 = e21

d (deci) = /10 = e-1 (rarely used)
c (cent) = /100 = e-2 (rarely used except for cm)
m (milli) = /1000 = e-3
µ (micro) = /1000000 = e-6
n (nano) = /1000000000 = e-9
p (pico) = /1000000000000 = e-12
f (femto) = /1000000000000000 = e-15
a (atto) = /1000000000000000000 = e-18

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