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July 9, 2013

Robert asks…

How to calculate my mid term exam marks into my overall marks!?

I am getting an 85 in a course prior to the exam. The exam is worth 15 percent of the course. How much would i have to get on the exam to maintain it in the mid 80′s? What is the formula? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The coursework you’ve done so far is worth 85% of the overall mark
So currently your total is 85 x 85/100 = 72.25%

you want to get 85% overall so you need to pick up 12.25% out of total 15% 12.25/15 x100=81.666% is what you need in the exam to get overall 85%.
If you get 50% in exam you would pick up addition 7.5% overall to bring overall score to 79.25.
However aim high, get 100% in test and you’d get extra 15% to add to you 72.25% = 87.25%

Nancy asks…

How do I use EV multiplier code and the IV codes?

It’s for heart gold I need someone to explain how to use them.

Administrator answers:

Well this is how it works on my AR:

for the Ev multiplier, you choose how much you want to multiply the ev’s by (x100, x150 ect.), and as for the iv checker, I have to hold R as i enter to view the summary.

Hope this helps,

Paul asks…

is there anyway i can make travel sizes of shampoo and conditioner?

i have swimming in gym tomorrow and don’t want to take my huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner. don’t leave comments that say to find a bottle because i already looked!

Administrator answers:

You can actually buy travel packs in stores.


They’re small, cheap and easy to carry around

Lizzie asks…

How can i find the gross profit percentage??

For the year ending 12/31/06, the sales were $45,032, the cost of goods sold was 29,658, and the total expenses was 7,490. How can i find the gross profit percentage, isnt it Gross profit divided by sales?

Administrator answers:

Yep, you’re right. (45032-29658)/45032 X100 = 34.14%

Laura asks…

What is the molecular mass and percent of the following elements?

Copper (II) Chloride
Copper (II) Chlorate
Copper (II) Sulfate Penta(5) Hydrate

can you also tell me how you got them. Thanks (:

Administrator answers:

Molecular mass
Start with formula eg copper (II) chloride CuCl2
Add up mass of atoms eg 63.5 + (2 x 35.5) = 63.5 + 71 = 134.5
Just type name then molar mass into google and it come up

Percent of elements
eg element X percent = mass of X/ molar mass x100
So chlorine in copper chloride = (71/134.5) x 100

They’re all done the same way so if you have followed this, you’ll be able to do the rest.

James asks…

What is the best car stereo that integrates iPod controls?

I’m just looking for a single-DIN car receiver that integrates my iPhone, allows me to browse it’s music, and also shows album artwork on a now playing screen. I’d like it to have (although it’s not necessary) a CD player, and HD radio with iTunes tagging. Another essential thing is that it MUST have some sort of physical volume knob, as the radio in the car is quite low, and difficult to see while driving. Price range is anywhere less than about $500.

Administrator answers:

Alpine is definitely the way to go when you want pure Ipod integration and control. The alpine IDA-X100 would be your safest bet.

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