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Your Questions About X100

July 15, 2012

Charles asks…

I have a pond,50′x100′ and wanted to know if I put some old tires in it for fish to use would they be toxic?

Administrator answers:

Yes. Plastic/rubbers contain chemicals and when they are heated up or cooled down quickly they release these chemicals. This is why only some plastics go into the microwave safely, and why people say not to freeze bottles of water or refill them with water. You should do aquatic plants instead.

Mary asks…

how do you calculate percentage error, i think you take the error and divide it by your measurement x100?

but how do you know how much error the thing you use has
any help will be appreciated

Administrator answers:

(actual reading – experimental reading) / experimental reading x 100.

Here actual reading refers to the reading found out bytheoryy…i mean on paper.

Robert asks…

When was the Toshiba Camileo X100 made/released?

Administrator answers:

First sold on Amazon on September 2004

Donald asks…

DOnt you think that the show extreme couponing is fake also, In mst stores you can use same coupon x100?

I meant you cannot use the same coupon 100 times not CAN sorry

Administrator answers:

No, it’s definitely not fake. But some of them irritate me because they go to the store with the intentions of cleaning off the shelves. I mean why do they need 100 bottles of mustard? I have no problem with couponing because I’m a “couponer” myself but don’t be greedy because there are other people that need that stuff too and if you take it all that means the next person either has to make another trip to another store or have to pay a higher price somewhere else.

Sharon asks…

does matrox x100 working with adobe premier cs4?

i have matrox rt x100 if any body tell me this card is working with adobe premier cs4 r any plugin for this card

Administrator answers:

Call one of the numbers at the link below. I have a Matrox Axio LE and I called the sales office and they answered all of my technical questions. Especially if you say are interested in getting an RT.X100. If they don’t know you already have one, but think you are interested in buying one, they will tell you if it works with CS4 or not without having to call tech support.

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