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February 10, 2013

Joseph asks…

How much should i sell my Xbox 360 elite for?

I want to sell my 10 games my turtle beach x11 headset 2 regular headsets and 3 controllers.
also it comes with all the the cords and a 120gb hard drive. So where should i sell all those things and how much?

Administrator answers:

$250-$275 would be fair.

People arent willing to buy older 360′s due to RROD.
But you can find a buyer.
Good Luck!

Carol asks…

What determines gun power in borderlands?

I have a shotgun called the matador or something like that. it said the power was 74 then it had a x11 after it. eventually i beat a boss and i got his shotgun. it had more power but without a x11 or anything like that. but when i compared it to the matador, it said the matador had more power. the matador also performed better. is it because it has x11? or is it something else? im a level 32 berserker by the way.

Administrator answers:

It fires 11 bullets per shot. Each bullet does 74 damage points. I hope I helped!

Ken asks…

Can I return an item I bought from one Best Buy to a different BestBuy?

I bought a Turtle Beach X11 headset from a Best Buy in Seattle but now it turns out X11s don’t work with PS3s and I want to return it. However I live in Bellingham which is about 2 hours away from Seattle can I return it at the Best Buy here?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can
as long as u have the receipt

Robert asks…

How many gallons of paint do I need?

My room is 10′x11‘ with a ceiling around 8′ or 9′. About how many gallons of paint would I need?

Administrator answers:

3-4, if you are painting the ceiling definitely 4

Lisa asks…

How do I record a live gaming commentary?

I’m looking at getting the Turtle Beach x11‘s and a Happauge HD PVR. I’ve never done any of this, so I’m wondering if I can record my voice with the Turtle Beach live while playing. If so, how?

Administrator answers:

I guess you might need a program named streaming audio recorder to record a live gaming commentary.

When you start to speak, click on button.
To finishe recording, press the off button.

Sorry I can’t make sure this one can sastify you or not. You may take its free version and have a try.

Donald asks…

How much will a single piece of matting cost?

I have a 16″x20″ frame and I want to get a single piece of matting cut to that size (probably a light blue) with two panels cut out (one 6″x6″ and one 8.5″x11“).

How much will this cost me at, say, Joann Fabric?
Is there somewhere else that is usually cheaper for this sort of thing?

Administrator answers:

Micheal’s is almost always running a 60% off custom framing sale… Check there, also Hobby Lobby is reasonable.

Mark asks…

What are the best Turtle Beach Headsets to buy?

My boyfriend is a big gamer and I want to get him a new pair of Turtle Beach Headsets for Christmas. He has the X11 right now for xbox. I don’t know what pair exactly to get him but I want it to be better than what he has now and preferably under $200.

Administrator answers:

it’s the X11 that comes with a thing called a DSS, and that gives it surround sound

Sandy asks…

What would be the difference in the Turtle Beach PX5 and the Turtle beach DX11?

I know im about to hear a bunch of off topic stuff, first let me say i don’t have a phone (Bluetooth) and i want wires, less lag batteries…ETC. I wanna know about the in-game sound like DX11=DSS+X11 so im getting the Dolby 7.1 surround sound is it any better on the PX5 or is it all the same?

Administrator answers:

The differences between the DX11 and PX5 are massive. You’ve touched on the BlueTooth, so that’s one of them. Second, the PX5 has an incredibly powerful preset system. One example of what presets can do is turn up the sound of footsteps and turn down all the other game sounds. The PX5 also has voice morph and some other great features. The PX5 has 50mm speakers instead of the 40mm speakers in the DX11. The PX5 works on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Ok, so then, the DX11, it’s wired, it is surround sound and that’s pretty much it. It works on the XBox 360 and PC but not the PS3 (unless you buy TB’s Amigo II to handle chat over PSN). The DX11 sounds great, but not as good as the PX5.

The PX5 is wireless, though. So if you specifically want wires, then the PX5 is an automatic no-go. If you want to use it on the PS3, too, look at TB’s DPX21.

Mandy asks…

How much should I sell my Xbox 360 and accessories for?

It’s a 20g 360 with two controllers, WiFi connector, 12 games, and an X11 Turtle Beach headset.
Any estimates?

Administrator answers:

I just sold mine and had everything you have but a different headset and sold it all for 160.
Considering the new built in wireless ones go for 199 brand new with a free game and controller id say ask for 160 and it will sell.

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