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February 15, 2013

Joseph asks…

How do I run a game using Darwine on an Intel Macbook?

I’m not very handy with computers, but I’m trying to play the game I Wanna Be the Guy on my MacBook. Can anyone give me some easy step by step instructions on how to go about doing this?

I already have Darwine installed by the way, along with X11.

Administrator answers:

Hi uzzial, you just got caught in one of the scams the computer industry uses. For your macbook a game cannot be played on your laptop computer for two reasons first you will use all of your power out of your battery and the most important the heat playing the game can burn your laptop because it radiates too much heat tp play. But if you are wanting walpaper you can get the picture you want copy it to file in your picture folder then transfer it to your macbook. But you admitted that your not very handy with computers and i can undrerstand that cause just learning the things thqat i learned was so troubling a few times i felt like i was in the twilight zone. So have a computer repairman do it for you he will not charge a lot and he can have it done in two shakes. Good luck hope i was helpful to you

Ken asks…

What headset should I get for my xbox 360?

I don’t have the money for the Astros but I am torn between a few headsets. The turtle beach x41, the x31, the x11 or the tritton ax pros. I am kinda leaning toward the trittons but I am not sure. All headsets can be found on eBay pretty cheap. I need to know which one to get and why.

Administrator answers:

Here are alist of xbox 360 headsets

1.Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Headset

The Xbox 360 Wireless Headset from Microsoft makes use of the same wireless technology as the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to let you communicate with your Xbox Live friends as you game. It has an ergonomic design and fits over either ear with two sizes of ear grips to help hold it in place. This rechargeable wireless headset gets up to eight hours of battery life, supports voice commands for select titles and has a range upwards of 30 feet. The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Headset has a street price of $49.99, but can be found used for around half that

2.Turtle Beach Ear Force X31

The Turtle Beach Ear Force X31 is a Wireless digital stereo headset featuring an adjustable boom mic, bass booster and audio bypass cable. This headset provides a comfortable cupped earphone listening experience. The RF wireless digital technology in the X31 uses advanced “frequency-hopping” that scans the airwaves for the best signal path to provide a reliable connection and allow great audio interaction with other gamers via Xbox Live. There’s also an inline volume control. The original MSRP was $99.99, but prices have dropped to around $75 new for this headset.

3.Motorola Gaming Headset X205
$35 – $40

Why should only NFL coaches get to wear the cool Motorola headsets? The wireless communications company sees to it Xbox 360 gamers can also get in on the action via the Gaming Headset X205. This authentic headset replica has a cushioned mono ear cup for a better sound experience, a flip boom noise cancelling microphone with voice commands support, an ergonomic design for extended wearing and inline mute and volume controls. Looking like a pro will only run you about $35 – $40 USD.

4.SkullCandy Lowrider SGS Xbox 360 Headset

The Skullcandy Lowrider for Xbox 360 gaming series headset’s stylish air will make you to play hard and look cool. Using 40mm performance drivers and paired with a swiveling boom microphone, this colorful cuffed-ear headset will provides great sound quality and a more personal gaming experience. Although this SkullCandy gaming headset may not be as efficient as its higher priced brothers, for the excellent gameplay sound quality and decent price tag, it’s a darn good deal. You can snag this cool headset from a variety of online retailers and within a price range of $39.99-49.99 USD.

5.Turtle Beach Ear Force XLC

Want an affordable and reliable headset with great noise-cancelling sound? Check out the Turtle Beach Ear Force XLC headphones. The dual-cupped ear design combines stereo game audio with online chat in a high fidelity stereo headset, so you’ll get a better gaming experience with privacy and clarity. A lightweight frame with adjustable sizing is geared towards providing hours of game play. The Turtle Beach Ear Force XLC can usually be had for under $25 USD.

Michael asks…

How do you work Turtle Beaches with HDMI on Xbox 360?

So I have a turtle beach x11‘s and I am playing with HDMI. But for some reason I can’t hear the game sounds, only chat. Is there something I can do, or purchase so that the game sound goes through my headset? Also I have the xbox 360 arcade if that helps.

Administrator answers:

You need to get an HDMI audio adapter.

Here, watch this video

Steven asks…

What would be the right photography studio equipment for me?

My studio will either be 12′-9″x11‘-8″ or 11’5″-10’8″.

This is my first studio equipment purchase and I’m not sure what would be my best option so I thought I’d give this a try.

I don’t know what wattage bulb would be right, what type of umbrella’s would be best, or if I should use flash lights or continuous lighting for example.

Thanks for your help!

- Evelyn Vaughn

Administrator answers:

Recommend flash not continuous – gives you more option over controlling the ambient/flash balance.

For a small studio, around 250W/s would do (though get as powerful as you can afford).

You may also want to consider battery operated speedlight flashes, if you want to branch out to do location work as they are portable & lightweight.

Read the Strobist blog (Lighting 101 & 102 archives) if you know nothing about lighting;

Sandy asks…

How do i record live commentary?

i know there is a way with turtle beach x11, you can record with the headset. But i wanna how you do that live, like recording the party or game chat, cuz i wanna make commentary while recording game play but record the voices at the same time. how do i do this, also, how would i do it without that extra adapter for the pink cable?

Administrator answers:

You use two cameras

Lisa asks…

I’m moving into a new apartment and i need ways to help me store my stuff because the room is tiny?

Im moving into an apartment and its room sizes is 11 X11 or 8′ 6 X 11 and am having a full size bed in the room which is 137 X 191 cm or 54′ wide 75′ long. Im going to have a desk in the room. But i have a lot of clothes and i need ways that i can store them in my room. Also some deocorating ideas that will make the room look bigger since its going to be cramped

Administrator answers:

Store out of season clothes in under the bed plastic storage bins, the ones on rollers work most easily. Use night stands with drawers and put lingerie, jewelry, scarves, stockings in the small drawers. Put a second hanging rod halfway down in your closet, and you can hang your shirts and shorter clothes in two rows. Leave a little splace on one end for dresses and coats to hang full length. Store sweaters in plastic bins on the top shelf of your closet, if there is a shelf. If there’s no shelf, install one, using particle board and some metal L brackets. Also, buy pegs and use them to hang things like scarves, ties, belts, etc, on the back of bedroom doors. You could also install some shelving units over the desk, and put some storage boxes there for smaller items. Even a shelf over the headboard of the bed could work, but not if you are in earthquake prone areas.
The room will look bigger if you keep extra furniture to a minimum. If you can use the desk next to the bed as a night stand on one side, and have just one other night stand in the room, that would help. Use one big, tall dresser instead of two smaller ones. The fewer things you leave around the room to clutter it, the bigger the room will look. So hide things in baskets or decorative hat boxes, etc. To keep things looking sleek.

Mandy asks…

What would you do if we were trap in a space station in deep space?

Right now there are aliens hijacking the ship.

Items: Shot gunx2, knifex1, computerx5, lighterx4

Food: Vegetablesx7, Raw meatx5.

Drink: Soft Drinks x11, Water bottlesx45.

Administrator answers:

Obviously rape you because I might not make it out alive. Sorry….

Mark asks…

Where do I find 4X6 matte or satin photo paper for HP j4680 printer?

Hewlett Packard appears to no longer manufacture matte photo paper smaller than 8.5 X11. This leaves me in a quandary because I despise glossy. However, the folks at Hewlett Packard advise against using another brand or generic photo paper.

What can I safely and reliably use, or where can I find HP matte photos smaller than 8.5 X11?

Administrator answers:

Of course Hp is going to advise you to use only there product. Load of bull. I buy from vendor on Ebay all the time, probably about 1200 sheets of 4 x6 matte photo paper a month, cost about $7.00 per 100 sheets. Go to ebay search for vendor “itrimming” or item search 130452834465.
Check it out. Oh, yeah. Free shipping in United States.

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