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February 20, 2013

Jenny asks…

Will turtle beaches work on my tv if i dont have the red audio input thing on my tv?

I have a small tv that only has the white audio input thing in the tv ( i forgot what they’re called). I’m not sure if turtle beach x11 headset will work.

Administrator answers:

No im sorry but the x11s wont work on your t.v
this reason is because they are made for the computer and xbox 360 only
so they get power from a USB input only if the tv has a usb jack than it will not work
i have my own x11s i use it for music on my pc and pc games +xbox if u need anymore help add me at Demoniv Demon4 on xbox sry about the dissapointment

Thomas asks…

How much should i sell my xbox on ebay?

I am thinking of selling my Xbox 360 and turtle beach headset and ac3 and black ops 2 what would be a reasonable price to sell it for on ebay?

2 controllers. X11 turtle beaches.

Administrator answers:

I would check amazon com

Mary asks…

How can I make a stop motion of something pixilated?

Ok I need some help here. I’m trying to make a stop motion on graph paper of super Mario bros level 1 world 1. You know, the one made in 1985. Well my graph paper is 8.5″x11“. And when I look at Videos of super Mario the pixels look very complicated. I don’t know how to draw them on graph paper.any help?

Administrator answers:

A pixel is a square, so you’d build it up 1 block at a time, it’s a bit of work until you get an idea of the finished shape and might need some creativity like using coloured squares of paper, otherwise you might need 15-24 pages per second of footage.

The animations in old games were done by fooling the eye though, there’s maybe 3 different poses the character does to make him appear to run so make cut-outs of all those poses and change accordingly. Saves a ton of work.

Maybe read up on drawing pixelated pictures on the computer and print each sprite if it needs to actually be stop motion rather than animated.


Old games were made with minimal effort and all sorts of tricks to fool your eye due to how little the computer could actually handle, so that’s maybe what you also need to aim for ?

Nancy asks…

Why are my cores running at different speeds?

The cores are running at different speeds, I has disabled all power save options, and looked through bios as well, but cannot figure out the problem.

The multipliers on both cores are different.

core 1
267 x6= 1601mhz

core 2
267 x11= 2933mhz

the mother board is a foxconn g41m, the bios is american megatrends 02.63. I cannot figure out why the multipliers are set differently anyone have any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Windows can use only one core do to task, I wouldn’t worry about it…Mines does the same, you can DL throttle stop to force both cores to be a certain freq…Also is the app doesnt support dual core then it wont use both..

Paul asks…

How can I change the size of the pages in a PDF file?

I need to change it from 8″x11.5″ to 5.08″x7.81″

Administrator answers:

U need “Foxonic (Standard Edition or Professional Edition)”, it’s a powerful PDF tool.

3 steps to change PDF page size:

(1) set building mode to “All to One” and set destination PDF file name, location.

(2) set “Page Options” -> set “Page Size” -> “Custom:” 5.08″x7.81″.

(3) select source PDF file and click “Build” button, then all pages in the source PDF documents will be changed to destination page size automatically.

You can try it for free from here:

Charles asks…

My cat chewed up my gaming headset and I was wondering if there was any place I could get them repaiar?

Turtle Beach x11‘s and he chewed up the wires from the headset to the mixamp.
I checked their website and they don’t do anything to fix it.

Administrator answers:

If it’s just the wires, you should be able to find replacements online. At least, Sennheiser sells replacements for theirs. Dunno about Turtle Beach.

Susan asks…

How to make 30 books stand up using one piece of paper and a foot of tape?

structure has to be at least 3 inches tall and you can cut, fold, etc the piece of 8.5″x11” paper.
Please be as specific as possible!
The books are on top of the paper
ex. one big cylinder and the books are stacked on top of it, i already tried this and it collasped after 3

Administrator answers:

Fold the paper in half the long way, to get a piece 4.25 x 11. Crease the edge and then roll that into a tight cylinder about 3 inches in diameter. Run tape along the ends to hold it all together. Now balance the books on top.

Although I doubt you will get to 30 books.

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